4 Advantages to Scheduled Content

4 Advantages of Regularly Scheduled Content

Being a content marketer has to be one of the most fun desk jobs in existence. Think about it. Creating compelling and serendipitous content to delight your audience and build your brand? That’s a sweet gig.

Even though it rocks, it comes with it’s challenges. Every week demands fresh creativity to create something new. In Webcomm, we’ve found a hack for getting creative with what we produce by having regularly scheduled content. We create a weekly Playbuzz Pop Quiz,  Spotify Playlist, Snapchat student takeovers, and a youtube series called Hi5OU. Here’s the perks we’ve learned from staying dedicated to our scheduled campaigns. 

  1. It helps us stay out of a rut.


It’s a paradox, but when we give ourself a box to work within, we test our limits inside that box. We started with the concept of wanting to create a weekly Pop Quiz. They’re fun and light and drive engagement. So far, we’ve tackled the obvious like football and student life in the quizes. That was good content, but since we’re dedicated to doing it weekly, we’re forced to brainstorm less obvious topics to cover in the long hall. Throughout the year, we’ll have no choice but to get creative and highlight more obscure campus activities to reach more niche interests in our large audience.


2. The campaigns become familiar to our audience.


When people know it’s coming, they’re more inclined to keep it on their radar. Like a segment on a TV show or Podcast, it makes the audience feel like they’re on the inside. One of our interns creates a Spotify Playlist each week as a pump up for game days. While it might have been easy to miss the first week, as she continues to create them, they gain familiarity and momentum. We’re hoping the Sooner playlist becomes a staple for game days.


3. It increases engagement.


One tricky content marketing strategy involves posting and sharing the same content several times. The most brazen brands do this for more clicks. But it doesn’t work as a long-term strategy because your followers don’t respect you cluttering their feed with redundant content. Posting original content within a familiar platform or theme on a weekly basis is a respectable way to harness the engagement of reposts without being obnoxious.


4. It strengthens our brand.


Ever heard of brand recognition? Having scheduled content shows the world what your brand looks like in different realms. We’re forced to explore unique corners of our brand to make it more personal to individuals. Plus it reinforces who we are on a weekly basis. That’s a good deal.

So whether you need a little motivation to think outside the box, or you want to increase your brand familiarity, having regularly scheduled content can help you get there.

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