Welcome, Emily!

Remember at the beginning of summer when the left side of my brain, Morgan, left #TeamWebComm to work at the Sam Noble Museum?! Remember how her last day was on my birthday and how much I said I’d miss her?! I did and still do miss her but my worries didn’t last long once we started interviewing new Morgans for the position of Content Marketing Specialist.

Out of a large pool of super qualified candidates, we plucked a one Ms. Emily Katherine Tackett:


Part woman, part mythical serpent, Emily is a Gaylord College grad who earned a degree in professional writing. This not only makes me super self-conscious about my own writing (like, in the best possible way) but proves to be a VERY useful degree for someone who is writing content for a major brand on the daily. Prior to working with Web Comm, Emkins was a recruiter for OU Admissions and Recruitment.

Last week at Confluence my newly beloved Emily and longly beloved Morgan even met each other in person. I didn’t get to witness this momentous occasion but, I imagine it was lovely.

So, what is Emily’s job with #TeamWebComm?

Emily, as previously stated, is our new content specialist. This means she keeps content (feature stories, articles, news, press releases, etc) added to the official OU homepage (ou.edu), writes awesome OU-esque quizzes for me to post on social media, articles, feature stories, scripts for Hi5OU, keeps the campus calendar updated and much, much more. If it needs copy, Emily has it covered.


A rare Emily in her natural habitat.

Let’s get to know Emily.

(I asked these aloud and in rapid-fire succession) Here are her answers:

Favorite food: Cookies
Favorite drink: Diet Coke
Coffee or tea: Coffee
Favorite color: Blue
Walked down the aisle to: Ultralight Beam by Kanye
What she does when she’s not at work: 12 minute workout while watching Pokemon as soon as she gets home.
Last thing she searched for on Google: Schoolboy Q tickets
Current tv show obsession: Breaking Bad
Her phone is full of photos of: Face paint with friends at the fair
Dog or cat: Dog
Favorite website (outside of ou.edu because, duh): manrepeller.com
Favorite social network: Instagram
Favorite person to gently stalk on social media: Rashida Jones
Signature style: Sexy Tomboy
Patroness: Sloth
Likes [outer] space? Yes

So there you go. Her weird fits my weird and our weird fits the office vibe.

Sadly, it hasn’t been all good news. We’ve experienced a few window sill casualties. RIP succulents.

dead succulents

Please help us welcome Emily the next time you see her!

2 thoughts on “Welcome, Emily!

  1. Welcome, Emily! I hope you enjoy the job!

    And if I might offer one suggestion: I think it’s time to throw the succulents out and use the planter (bowl) for chili. Lots and lots of chili.


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