Marketing OU/Texas: The 2016 Roundup

Another OU Texas matchup has come and gone and the marketing for year’s Red River Showdown will go down in history as some of #TeamWebComm’s best work. Let’s take a look at what our office created and promoted and how it measured up on social media.

Reusing Content

Hello, OU/Texas hype video from 2015! Thanks to our video team strategically not placing any date markers on this video from last year, I was able to promote again this year. When you put as much work into content as our video team does, it’s great to get multiple uses out of it. With a combined reach of 182,098 and 42,558 views across platforms this year alone, I’d say that mission was accomplished.

Don’t Forget the Homepage!

oklahoma university homepage

I’ve recently seen some comments on our social channels with people asking about gameday details. In listening to our audience, there was an easy fix for this: adding it to one of our feature boxes on the homepage. This is a good way to fix a problem and add to the comprehensive nature of marketing a major event. Even better, we simply added a bypass link so when someone clicked on the gameday feature box it took them to the Sooner Sports gameday page with all the details.

The Tradition Continues

The OU Ruf/Neks carried out their long-standing tradition of repainting the “Beat the hell out of Texas” on the sidewalk just to the southwest of Bizzell Library, near Elm Street.


While I’ve never posted this before and did go back and forth over posting or not, one of my interns is a Ruf/Nek and had the photo. On one hand, we are located right in the middle of the Bible Belt and our audience is significantly churchy. On the other hand, many people say this on a regular basis so we decide to post and see how it went. I generally try to keep our page completely G rated. While this type of post isn’t something we’ll post regularly, this experiment did accomplish considerable reach (238,542 to be exact) and got the week off to a huge start. We received one “Hey The University of Oklahoma, I find this photo annoying or distasteful. Would you please take it down?” message. But one out of 238,542? I’ll take it. (Also the person who sent the message is not a follower of our page so it could have easily been a Texas fan.)

Across other channels:

Top Tweet for the month of October so far:

beat texas


Beat Texas

PE-ET Shenanigans

OU Seed Sower

I’ve discussed intermingling professional and iPhone photos on social media to keep an authentic look throughout our feeds. This is an iPhone photo taken by one of our video interns but worked perfectly for our purposes. Some Texas fans took this post literally (apparently they haven’t heard of our Bevo BBQ?) but Texas fans are obviously not the audience we were targeting and our audience ate this up (heh). Using the super simple caption, “Who’s hungry?” proved to be the best strategy for this in letting the image speak for itself.

Across Platforms:
Facebook: 133,388 reach, 634 shares, 2.2K reactions, 31 comments
Twitter: 40,825 impressions, 3758 engagements, 228 retweets, 325 likes
Instagram: 31.1K impressions, 22.1 reach, 3159 engagements

Collaboration Across Campus

With everyone geared up for one of the biggest games of the season, it was a natural fit to retweet our dearly departed Brandt’s video from his new digs at the OU Innovation Hub, which was not only fun but did a brilliant job of showcasing many of the tools available to students in their brand new, state-of-the-art facility. Best of all, Brandt kept all his fingers!

They Aren’t Legos – They’re Oyos!

Not to bury the lead BUT this video has set a new standard of video promotion and it all happened right here in our studio and with the help of some of my dear friends. Kam, Mason and Ame completely nailed this video project and gave our audience a spectacular treat in the form of nostalgia, triumph and amazing videography. Sooner fans were able to relive one of the greatest plays in OU/Texas history in a glorious stop-motion fashion. But it didn’t end with our social channels! It was picked up by ESPN, Dallas News Sports Day, local news outlets, The Spun, OU Athletics and many others. Such a smashing success and that stunning camera work. Definitely earned the MILLIONS of impressions and hundreds of thousands of views. I’m still in awe and feel incredibly lucky to work with a team as talented and creative as our video team.

Say it with Music

People love music but none so much as our intern Ramsey, who puts together brilliant and clean Spotify Playlists for each and every gameday. These playlists have consistently been growing in popularity and this one was the biggest yet, reaching over 250,000 users!


Hi5OU is back and for the month of October, the video team gave it a super sweet Stranger Things treatment! October is an exciting month at The University of Oklahoma. College football is in full swing and the Red River Showdown is on the horizon! Check out what else we have in store for you in this special edition of Hi5OU!

Hi5OU en Español

Hi5OU está de vuelta y para el mes de octubre, nuestro equipo nos regaló unas dulces sorpresas. Le entregamos otra edición de #Hi5OU en español, Anna María Restuccia nos cuenta los acontecimientos más importantes de nuestro campus, entre ellos: El Día de Muertos (2016 OU Day of the Dead Street Festival).




All of the above-in addition to regular OU content-was posted to OU social before the actual game happened. So on gameday itself, Mason and Drew were locked and loaded and headed to the game to capture our usual gameday coverage. Throughout the game Mason would send me photos, but I mostly interacted with fans during the game on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We get so much traffic on game days so it’s the perfect time to interact with our fan base, answer questions and thank them for sharing parts of their lives and their tailgates with us.

Throughout the game, Mason also sent photos:

university of oklahoma

Sooners Win!

University of Oklahoma Sooners Win

So we won…and reached over half a million people on Facebook alone with this post claiming victory. The Golden Hat returns to its home and all is mostly right in Sooner Nation.

Bye, Texas.

In perhaps my sassiest post ever, this photo (actually taken last season) proved to be the piece of content I was most excited about. Again, this is not the kind of content I’d post on a regular basis. HOWEVER, her expression, the wave, the rivalry, the way the youths talk these days….it all added up to a win and a lot of fun. Something our audience really enjoyed. And I verified with my interns that this was, in fact, authentic and something that is said. This was only Instagram and Twitter but it was spot on and people loved it. OU people, that is.

Twitter Analytics

Twitter Analytics


Instagram Analytics

Instagram Analytics


OU Facebook Activity

OU Facebook Content Performance


OU Twitter Performance

OU Twitter Performance



In the end, we even out performed Harvard, a constant benchmark for me in higher education social media. And check out the total number of page likes for Texas. Coincidence? I think not.

Until we sports ball again and I decide to write about it,

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