5 Ways Live Tweeting Helps You Grow Your Online Brand

In honor of award show season being right around the corner, I found it fitting to talk about my favorite thing: live tweeting. Not only is it a great excuse to cancel any Sunday night plans so you can sit on your couch, but live tweeting — when done right — can also help you expand your online brand. So, grab your iPhone, open up Twitter and get ready to learn about 5 ways live tweeting the Grammys or Emmys can grow your followers, increase engagement and make your brand more playful, relatable and approachable.

1. Become more personable and not just a product



The main benefit for your brand when live tweeting is the way it shifts your audience’s view of your brand from something trying to be promoted to something that has a story and a personality behind it. By live tweeting an award that most culturally-aware Americans will be watching, your followers (and potential ones) will begin to view you as a relatable, down-to-earth person, not just a person working to promote a product. Tweeting about that emotional Meghan Trainor acceptance speech or that hilarious Jennifer Lawrence fall allows your audience to relate to you through things you both enjoy — not just the brand or product you are trying to push.

2. Expand your audience


Another way live tweeting allows you to grow your online presence is the new audience you can reach. As a brand, you probably haven’t tweeted much about things other than your product so you have only been reaching the same type of audience through each tweet — but through live tweeting, you are reaching a whole new audience that your content has never been pushed to before. And, the great thing about award shows is that the audience is large and extremely diverse, I mean let’s be real, who doesn’t love watching the Grammys?

3. New means to engage


One of the biggest problems social media marketers can face is the lack of engagement. Having low engagement with those who follow you can be due to a number of things and causes enormous problems when trying to grow a brand. Your followers want to feel like they are more than that to you, and what better way to make your fans feel like friends than conversing over who deserves best picture or album of the year?

4. Capitalize on the heavy traffic in the hashtag


Like we discussed before, who doesn’t love watching award shows? Shows like the Grammys, Oscars, Emmys and American Music Awards are some of the most watched events on television, so why not capitalize on that? Every award show will have a hashtag (and sometimes even more than one) they are trying to push so do your research, then you can use the hype around that hashtag to filter people to your profile and gain followers, retweets and likes.

5. Fun, different content that will help you stand out


And finally, live tweeting is super fun! Not only will you enjoy live tweeting more than you expect (trust me on this one), but your followers will also have fun following along with you and discussing all things award shows. Something as simple as tweeting about Lady Gaga’s meat dress can help your brand successfully stand out in the crowd of mundane Twitter users.

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