How to Harness the Power of Universal Content on Social Media

Connecting people in a digital realm is one of several reasons for social media’s existence. Whether or not it successfully connects people or leaves us more crippled and isolated than before is a discussion for another time, but there is, if nothing else, a facade of community and interconnectedness on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The ability to […]

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How to Use Instagram Live to Build Your Brand

In a world where visual content reigns supreme, Instagram is a stand-out platform for content marketing. It has garnered over 500 million monthly users and captivated the highly coveted Millennial audience. With humble origins as a photo-sharing app, Instagram has evolved far beyond filtered images of coffee mugs and sunsets. With new ways to use […]

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When You Marry Your Job

Wedding Dress and Shoes

Walking into the WebComm for my first day as the new Content Specialist kind of felt like getting married again. Starting a new job isn’t exactly on par with making an eternal covenant, but the interview process, substantial amount of commitment, and honeymoon phase all felt eerily similar. I got a crush on the office […]

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