Firefox Fixes: Don’t Give Up on the CMS

Mozilla Firefox logo

Before you give up on using the CMS in Firefox because of security encryption issues, although Chrome is a perfectly acceptable browser alternative, we have some fixes. Firefox, versions 37, 38 and 39, is currently experiencing issues when connecting to SSL-enabled OU websites. This includes,,,,, and others. Upon visiting an […]

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Being 100% Human While Working the Web

Being the first face people meet behind our CMS (content management system for the web acronym impaired) is a pretty powerful and amazing job. I love getting to work with the wide variety of departments and areas across campus. I love working with the nerdy, troubleshooting, website builder part of my brain and the fun, […]

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Basic Web Accessibility in 10 Quick Tips

Working with departments on web content and CMS training, I am constantly preaching the importance of web accessibility. I know how to make content more accessible and why, but explaining the importance to our web authors can be difficult, until the day I met Brian. During a workshop for our Web Accessibility Higher Education project, […]

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