7 Ways to Immediately Improve Your Twitter Content

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 1.00.34 PM

Never has 140 seemed like so little as when you’re trying to squeeze down a tweet, amiright? And then you figure in 23 of those precious characters are used for a link and 24 of them for an image and you’re left with 93. Ninety-three characters to craft the perfect message, build your brand, give […]

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Thank YOU!

Web Communications Team

We’re very serious about what we do here at Web Communications, Marketing & New Media – including holiday pictures and wishing you a wonderful holiday season! Thank you for everything you do every single day. Without you we wouldn’t have amazing content to share, subjects to photograph, marketing video inspiration, topics for websites, awesome innovation […]

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7 Ways to Immediately Improve Your Facebook Page

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Today I’m specifically talking about small tweaks that will immediately improve your business and/or organization Facebook Page. These are the things I’ve learned over the years and that I’ve continued to do to not only build OU’s brand but keep a consistent voice and clean design throughout our page. 1. Customize! This is something that is […]

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Friday 5: Cinemagraphs


After a short hiatus, Friday 5 is back, and this week we’re looking at my newest obsession…cinemagraphs. Relatively uncommon but gaining popularity, cinemagraphs combine both photos and video to give the impression of a moving image (think the newspapers in Harry Potter). This unique format is quickly becoming the new medium for both artistic expression and […]

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Social Media: Bedlam

so med bedlam

(Please note: this is a post about The University of Oklahoma’s social media accounts that I manage as compared to Oklahoma State University’s Facebook. Both OU and OSU athletics’ social media accounts are very objective and post both wins and losses.) The secret is out: I’m an Oklahoma State grad who manages the University of […]

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3 Takeaways from ‘Nicely Said: Writing for the Web with Style and Purpose’

Nicely Said: Writing for the Web with Style & Purpose

I stumbled upon “Nicely Said: Writing for the Web with Style and Purpose” when I needed it most. It called out to me from amazon.com, promising to help me write the way I talk and turn me into a copywriter who can better serve my website users. And, as a higher ed writer who laments […]

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What It’s Really Like to be a Social Media Marketer as Told by Scream Queens’ Gifs

social media scream queens

Scream Queens. My new favorite wonderfully-quirky, hilariously-dramatic dark comedy television show. I love this show. I also love my job. So naturally this led me down the path things like this always lead me: combining two (or more) of my loves into one mega-Candacesque conglomerate. This time, a peek into what my life as a […]

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What Gamedays Look Like for #TeamWebComm


For most of the 85,000+ Sooner faithful, OU Gamedays are a sacred Saturday tradition held in the highest esteem. For me, OU Gamedays are another day of work. Granted, not like your typical day job at a desk – but still, this is my job so it’s a much different experience for me than the […]

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