What do you do when you get writer’s block? Or maybe that should be more accurately described as “media producer’s block”. It’s hard to produce fresh, interesting content every day, especially if things are slow around campus!

Here are a few things that help me when I’m struggling to find something to share:

1. Check the campus calendar daily for events to attend. These could yield great photo opportunities of students participating at activities, and let’s be honest – alumni never get tired of seeing photos of their alma mater!

2. Go on an “instagram walk”. I like to take a half-hour chunk of time and walk around campus. This way, you can get into the heart of student activity and find new and beautiful ways to see our campus! Maybe you’ll even get lucky and pass a group of squirrels playing tag on the south oval. Also, bonus, fresh air and exercise!

3. Listen to your audience. We follow a lot of students and incoming freshmen on instagram and tumblr, so I frequently check their feeds and see what they’re up to. You might find beautiful shots of campus that you can share, or you might come across groups, activities, and campus interests that you didn’t know about!

4. Reach out. My content intern, Sydney, is an invaluable source of campus information. She’s a student here at OU, and she is eager to go out and explore to find stories. When I can’t get out of the office, Sydney is more than happy to attend events and interview students!

5. When all else fails, post something about food, weather, or sports. The test of time has shown that these types of posts generate the most activity.

Good luck, and happy writing!

We all know captioning video content is the law, but that doesn’t make it any easier to do. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of resources that will get the job done for free, or with a budget. Make sure to bookmark this link so you can get stay up to date as the technology gets better and better!

Click here to make your life easier.


WebComm has been busy lately trying some new things! We’ve started writing articles about the different aspects of life at OU, and have even recently expanded the content team to include a student writing intern.

Here are the articles we’ve written since summer.

8 People You Should Know At OU
5 Awesome Fountains At OU
Caroline Trump: CCEW
Mark Morvant: iPads in the Classroom
Alumna Flies For Cessna
School Of Meteorology Has Outstanding Incoming Freshmen
Neustadt Festival Brings Cultural Celebration To Campus
Neustadt Festival Unique Experience For Students

Got an idea for us? Submit your article ideas here.

No. 5 Notre Dame and No. 8 OU went head to head this past weekend. To add to the pre-game excitement, ESPN College Gameday set up shop on the campus South Oval for the first time in four years. Campus was buzzing with cameras, ESPN celebrities and….Foursquare!

OU Foursquare ambassador Ashley West and I worked with ESPN College Gameday to promote their badge and hand out some Lee Corso t-shirts. The t-shirts helped drive participation and the badge was unlocked over 100 times. In October we had 354 check-ins on the University of Oklahoma spot.

The awesome Corso t-shirts helped drive new users to download the app and check-in. It also was a great opportunity to tell people why Foursquare is so awesome. If they were Normanites, I made sure to mention the awesome deals at Othellos. After handing out 100 shirts, Ashley and I hit the crowd to help promote Foursquare. We were on a mission to have the Ruf/Neks take a picture with the Foursquare banner. It wasn’t hard. When we walked up, two of the students yelled our way, “Hey! I already checked in and got the badge!” And then this happened… Read more

Ashley WestMeet Ashley West! She is the first OU foursquare Campus Ambassador. What does that mean, exactly? She’s here to tell you!

  • Major, Year, Hometown: Business & Human Relations/ Minor in International Area Studies. Class of 2013. Hometown: OKC!
  • Three words to describe yourself: Adventurous, Creative & Driven
  • Why did you apply to be a foursquare ambassador? I saw the ambassador program as a great opportunity to get students aware of the possibilities foursquare has for them & the campus together. 
  • What is your role at OU as the foursquare ambassador? My role is to connect foursquare with the campus & serve as a liaison between the OU Web Communications & foursquare itself through events, contests and activities. 
  • Your favorite thing about OU: The tradition & culture. I’ve fallen in love with the campus over the years & it will always hold a special place in my heart.
  • Why is foursquare cool? What better way to connect & share your knowledge of places with friends? I love foursquare because it gives everyone a chance to explore & find new things, regardless of where you are.
Web Comm is super excited to have Ashley be the student voice for foursquare! You or someone you know could join her as an OU foursquare ambassador! Learn more about foursquare campus ambassadors.

What has OU been up to with foursquare? Check out the Senior Bucket List we did in May. Follow us on foursquare to keep up with the life and times of OU.

edu web conferenceThis summer a few Web Comm-ers ventured to the Edu Web Conference in Boston, MA. You may remember our post from last year. This year Erin, Sara and myself (Cassie) were all presenting at the conference. We learned a lot, but (as always) we have some top things to share with you!

Read more

We just want to give you a quick update on Firefox upgrades and CQ5 compatibility.

Firefox 13 appears to be working fine with CQ5. We have yet to discover any new issues with Firefox 13 and CQ5, but please report any issues to us as (or if) they are identified.

Thanks so much!


Instagram is one of my favorite ways of posting photos on Facebook for two reasons.

Reason 1: Facebook seemlessly integrates your Instagram post into your timeline. No funny cropped photos, or repositioning needed!

Reason 2: It’s an easy way to make your photos look that much better. Taking a photo is step 1, taking a good photo is step 2, and editing that photo…? That’s a social media master right there!

A handful of collegues have asked me the same question, thus the reason for this post. The question is: how do you post  to a specific Facebook fan page via Instagram? Here is the trick, and some extra fun tid bits to throw in your back pocket! Read more

Brian may be a New Yorker, but he’s definitely taking this Oklahoma thing seriously. Read more

Web Comm launched the #OU4SQ Check In and Win Foursquare Giveaway a couple of weeks before school ended this spring semester. This was our first large giveaway and we had over 30 prize packages to give out thanks to some awesome OU offices who wanted to have some foursquare fun with us. We wanted to share with you some insight from our campaign, what we plan to do in the future, and how we measured its success. Read more

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