Behind The Scenes – Video Interviews

A short glimpse at what goes into recording a video interview.

Our video team has recently begun working on “Namesake” video interviews. Drew, one of our team’s videographers, was tasked with heading up the project. First things first: Gear. In today’s world, producing new and relevant video content is an ever changing endeavor. What was standard yesterday, is obsolete today. So, our video team is pretty intentional […]

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4.27.15 Instagram Update

IGHashtag Blog

Instagram announced today you can now hashtag emojis. That’s right, the hashtags in the image below, as well as all the others, are now searchable, recognizable, conversational tags on Instagram! I saw the announcement on Instagram’s Instagram in a statement that read: “Over the past few years, emoji have become part of a universal visual language. And […]

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