Is Your Smartphone Making You Fat?


Keeping connected to social interactions and the day’s events is easier than ever thanks to your smartphone. But what happens when being connected interferes with your sleep? Allowing your or your significant other’s smartphone to wake you up at night might be complicating your weight loss efforts. A growing amount of evidence is finding a […]

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The Cutaway: The Best Sendoff in Film History

Old School Theater

“Moving pictures need sound as much as Beethoven symphonies need lyrics.” – Charlie Chaplin Imagine this: You’re a living legend. You write, direct, produce, edit, cast, score, and star in all of your films. Hell, you even own the studio! While everyone else in Hollywood works hard to control production costs, you burn through celluloid LIKE A […]

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Content Marketing Meeting – September

CM 1200x600

Tuesday morning, communicators from across campus ventured to the Office of Web Communications, Marketing and New Media for donuts and our monthly CM^2: Content Marketing with Candace and Morgan meeting where we discuss content initiatives we’re focusing on for the month. If you weren’t able to come and want to see what you missed or if you […]

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#TeamWebComm Trivia 1.15

#TeamWebComm Trivia Holiday Edition

Each week we’ll take a closer look at the humans who make up The University of Oklahoma’s Office of Web Communication, Marketing and New Media (#TeamWebComm). Because today is Labor Day and Labor Day was created to honor working people, I’m changing up the trivia format this week. Rather than asking #TeamWebComm a question and posting their […]

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Friday 5: Clouds


It’s almost game day, and you can feel the excitement across campus. Tents are getting set up, roads are being closed, classes are done for the week, and in about 24 hours I’ll be on the sideline for the first time. Typically, I would have a more in-depth post about some specific aspect of photography, but because of all the […]

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