Guest Blog: How to Create a Successful Social Scavenger Hunt


At Emory University (in Atlanta, GA) we have a sort of unofficial mascot named “Lord Dooley.” He’s the Spirit of Emory, showing up at student-run events with an entourage dressed in all black to excite the crowds and cause mischief. Every year, there’s an entire week of activities dedicated to him called Dooley’s Week. There’s […]

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Award Season: PRSA


Hello, Award Season! #TeamWebComm Monday Trivia will be replaced with awards we’ve won as they start arriving at our office. This week, we are thrilled to receive Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) awards! Awards from left: Mason Drumm, photographer. Award: Honorable Mention for Sooner Reflection. Category: Printed Publications. One of my favorite photos and […]

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Sunday 7: 7 Photo Apps On My Phone Right Now


While I wasn’t able to get to the Friday 5 on time, I lucked out on Sunday and Seven being an alliteration. So, better late than never, let’s take a quick look at just a few of the photo-related apps on my iPhone right now. 1. Snapseed As far as mobile editing is concerned, Snapseed […]

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#TeamWebComm Trivia 1.19

#TeamWebComm Trivia

Each week we’ll take a closer look at the humans who make up The University of Oklahoma’s Office of Web Communication, Marketing and New Media (#TeamWebComm). This week’s question is: What is/are your most used emoji(s)?  Here are our answers: Erin Yarbrough, associate vice president: The nice winky face. (NOT the one with the tongue sticking out.)   Tom Ashley, […]

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