On the evening of August 26, 2014, Dave Bert and Matt Green, both AME Board of Advisors, met with some of AME’s freshmen, sophomores, and juniors in the Engineering Practice Facility. During the evening, Mr. Bert and Mr. Green spoke to students about resume building, the importance of internships, and how to choose elective courses. This information was very valuable as both men graduated from AME and have a great deal of experience in the industry. Students were engaged throughout the evening by asking questions, leading discussion, and taking notes. There was roughly 40 students total in attendance.

Tonight Tommy Lear and Matt Green will speak with AME seniors and graduate students regarding important strategies to secure full-time employment. The event will take place in REPF 200 from 7:00-8:30pm.

For more information, please contact Danielle Geier by e-mail dgeier@ou.edu.

Graduate Student Orientation

Graduate Student Orientation

On Tuesday, August 19, 2014 the AME Graduate Student Community (GSC) held a graduate student orientation for the new graduate students as well as a refresher to the current graduate students. The orientation included guests of faculty, staff, the GSC Leadership Team, and the current graduate liaison, Dr. Kuang-Hua Chang. During the orientation, information was provided to the new graduate students about resources, research, GSC involvement, and the opportunities awaiting each of them at AME.
AME would like to welcome the new graduate students and wish them good luck on their academic and research endeavors! We are glad to have you!

GSC Leadership Team

GSC Leadership Team


On Friday, August 15, 2014 the College of Engineering hosted the annual Meet & Greet for the incoming engineering students. The new AME students then attended a session just for them with AME faculty and staff in attendance. There were roughly 70 students in attendance ready and eager to begin their journey at AME. During the session there was great discussion about mechanical engineering and aerospace engineering as well as questions about the student teams, internships, and studying abroad. It is safe to say these new students are looking forward to starting this new adventure and all of us at AME are also looking forward to meeting and working with the students over the next several years.

AME Class of 2018, Welcome to OU and AME! Good luck on your first day!

Meet & Greet 2014

Meet & Greet 2014

Dr. Mrinal C. Saha and Dr. M. Cengiz Altan recently received research funding from ConocoPhillips for research titled Measurement of Thermal Conductivity of Insulation Materials Containing Moisture at Different Temperatures. Saha and Altan are working to increase the reliability and longevity of the pipelines used to transport oil and natural gas across the world.

Through the years many different insulation materials have been used to prevent corrosion in the pipelines. However, recent studies have shown different types of insulation materials are often damaged by humidity and rain, which may cause severe corrosion to the pipelines. Not only is corrosion difficult to detect, but it could possibly cause structural damage in the pipeline.

Dr. Saha and Dr. Altan will perform relevant experiments and develop predictive models for the longevity of a safely functioning pipeline before it must be replaced. First they will test the effectiveness of different types of wet and dry pipeline insulation by measuring their thermal conductivity. Saha and Altan will perform accelerated testing using a freeze-thaw cycle to achieve maximum water absorption by the insulation in a reasonable amount of time. They predict most insulation will absorb 70-80 percent of water in one week, whereas reaching this level of absorption may take several years for pipelines without accelerated freeze-thaw cycles.

Following the thermal conductivity measurements of the wet insulation, Saha and Altan will begin developing a predictive life cycle model for the pipeline insulation. There are many factors affecting the longevity of the insulation, water being the major factor. Different model parameters, extracted from the experimental data, will be incorporated in developing the predictive model for the pipeline insulation.

“The outcome is very important because the process is not only applicable to the gas pipeline, but it is also applicable in other areas such as asphalt, pavement, household insulation, shingles and roofing, and so on,” said Saha. “This could really benefit the industry as a whole.”

Dr. Chien Pan, Project Manager from ConocoPhillips, Dr. Mrinal Saha, Associate Professor at AME, and Elias Marsee, AME undergraduate researcher, observe tested insulation material.

Dr. Chien Pan, Project Manager from ConocoPhillips, Dr. Mrinal Saha, Associate Professor at AME, and Elias Marsee, AME undergraduate researcher, observe tested insulation material.

On Monday, July 14, 2014 a delegation group from Thai Nguyen, Vietnam visited the School of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering at the University of Oklahoma. The trip occurred to discuss a possible collaboration with the mechanical engineering program between OU and Thai Nguyen University of Technology (TNUT).  If this program were put into place, it would send Vietnamese students selected by the government to OU and AME for Ph.D. completion. Those students would then return to Vietnam to become faculty members.

In order for TNUT students to qualify for the potential program, they must first be selected by the university, must have completed their advanced program which is a 5-year curriculum taught in English. To enter the program, students have to take a highly competitive entrance exam to qualify. Once that is completed, the student must apply through the Graduate College at OU before acceptance into the graduate program. This collaboration between AME and TNUT would have support for at least four years from the Vietnam government.

Dr. Feng C. Lai, AME Professor, has spent time in Thai Nguyen, Vietnam teaching students during the summer and winter intersessions. He is hopeful for the possible collaboration as he says the students in Thai Nguyen study hard and the overall quality is great. “This is a win-win situation for all,” said Dr. Lai, “This is a great opportunity to increase the number of Ph.D. students in our graduate program, while recruiting these highly qualified students.”

Details are in the works and still being finalized. The program may begin as early as Spring 2015, but the ultimate goal is to begin in Fall 2015.

Pictured from left to right: Dr. Quang T. Phan, Rector of TNUT, Ms. Le Ha Do, Director of International Training Cooperation Center, Mr. Quoc H. Nguyen, Head of Management and Services Department, Mr. Ba Dung Ho, Director of Service Center, Dr. Feng C. Lai, AME Professor, and Dr. M. Cengiz Altan, AME Interim Director and Professor.

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