Chang Completes Textbook Series

Kuang-Hua ChangKuang-Hua Chang, AME and David Ross Boyd Professor, recently finished and published his fourth book in a four-book series. Chang was approached by Academic Press, a leading publisher of scientific books, in 2005 to write a textbook focused on computer aided engineering design. He began writing The Computer Aided Engineering Design Series in 2009 while on sabbatical leave, publishing two books in 2013 followed by the final two in 2014.

“I have been interested in writing such a book for a long time,” said Chang. “These books are very unique as many engineering design books discuss conventional design principles. This series focuses on modern e-Design paradigm, computer design tools, current technology and different perspectives.”

The textbooks target mechanical, aerospace and industrial engineers studying design as well as engineers interested in learning computer design tools such as Pro/ENGINEER® and SolidWorks® in the context of the e-Design paradigm. Chang also uses his textbooks to teach four courses at AME as electives for seniors and graduate students. These courses include Intro to CAD, Concurrent Design and Manufacturing, Computer-Integrated Manufacturing and Design Theory and Methods.

For more information on each textbook, please click the corresponding title:

“These books benefit the students while learning design,” said Chang. “It sets them up to learn the methods and tools used in the industry while allowing the students to be competitive in the field.”

Next on Chang’s to do list is combining all four books ranging from 418 pages to 549 pages into one single book, e-Design: Computer-Aided Engineering Design, to be published by Academic Press in 2015.


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