AME Alumni Spotlight: Jacob Anderson

Jacob Anderson

Jacob Anderson is an alumnus of the University of Oklahoma. In fact, Jacob is a three-time alumnus. He graduated from OU and the School of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering with a Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering in the spring of 2007, followed by his Masters of Science also in mechanical engineering in the summer of 2009. Lastly, Jacob graduated with his Doctor of Philosophy in mechanical engineering in the fall of 2013. Since then, he has worked with M. Cengiz Altan, AME Professor and Director, as a postdoctoral researcher.

Jacob recently accepted a job with PPG Industries working at the Fiber Glass Science and Technology Center. He will hold the title of Senior Researcher and Development Engineer in North Carolina. His job duties include identification, development and testing of textile composite materials for commercial development, work with customers to develop new applications, oversee production trials to evaluate material performance and more. Jacob believed working hard in both the classroom and the laboratory were key in landing his new job.

What do you enjoy most about your job/working in your field?

Composite materials are very exciting to work with because they allow materials to be developed that are optimized for a specific application or use. As such, the combinations/challenges are endless.

How did your education at AME help you to be successful in your career?

AME gave me the opportunity to pursue and overcome challenges both in and out of the classroom. As such, I have had many experiences and opportunities that have helped me grow as both a professional and a person. I feel very prepared for my career.

Why did you choose OU to pursue your degree?

The research being conducted by several members of the faculty aligned with my own interests.

What advice would you give to a current AME student?

I would tell the students:

  1. Your time at AME is what you make of it.
  2. Work hard, keep your eyes on your goal and keep pushing forward to achieve the goal, whether the distance traveled is measured in kilometers, meters or millimeters.

Who was your favorite faculty member and why?

Dr. M.C. Altan: He has the ability to present material from many different directions. As a result, he makes even the most complicated material approachable. In addition, his mentorship over the years has been invaluable and greatly appreciated.

AME would like to wish Jacob great success as he begins his new job!

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