Bairaktarova Featured on Current Conversations

Dr. Diana Bairaktarova, Assistant Professor of Engineering Practice, was recently featured on Current Conversations with Robert Con Davis-Undiano. Dr. Bairaktarova discusses her research and focuses on design thinking and the human experience.

This one-on-one lively forum features people who are making a difference in the world—scientists, educators, humanists, writers, and artists. The goal is to focus on people who function as “bridge builders,” or people in the culture who are making important connections between areas of knowledge.Each week the show finds relevant connections between people and areas of knowledge that really matter and gives its viewers a close-up perspective on important developments changing the world around them.

“I hope people will watch the show and be delighted at the research that’s being done at the University of Oklahoma,” Davis-Undiano said. “It’s a chance to meet some accomplished and brilliant people.”

Bairaktarova’s Research

Design Thinking



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