Shell Fall Festival and AME Student Organization Opportunities

Last Friday, we had the Shell Fall Festival at the Engineering quad where students had the opportunity to learn more about the different student organizations within AME and also get advice on how to thrive as an Aerospace or Mechanical Engineering major. One of the highlights included the dunk booth where students got to dunk their professors into the water tank! Here are some highlights and the different organizations to get involved with.

AIAA – American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

A community of Aerospace Engineering students working with the governement, industry, and acedemia to achieve goals for the school and peers.


AMSE – American Society of Mechanical Engineers


Boomer Rocket Team

Partake in competions on local and national levels, offer opportunties to students to explore Aerospace and other STEM opportinties not in the classroom, and have fun with students in your field!


Crimson Skies Design Build Fly

Design, fabricate, and test an R/C aircraft for various competitions.


Graduate Student Community (GSC)

Made up of graduate students at AME to spotlight their work and research.


Sooner Off Road (SOR)

Student competition team that builds off road racing cars and attends competitions each year.


Sooner Powered Vehicle (SPV)

Compete in challenges with the OU team using human powered vehicles.


Sooner Racing Team (SRT)

Compete in events across the US with OU while developing a Formula SAE race car.

Engineering Fraternaties:

Pi Tau Sigma – National Mechanical Engineering Honor Society

Sigma Gamma Tau – National Aerospace Engineering Honor Society

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