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Career Services Profiles | Joe Daves

Readers, Meet Joe. Joe, Meet Readers.

Michael F. Price College of Business 

Joe DavesJoe Daves serves on the Career Advisement team in Career Services as an Assistant Director. A staple on our team, Joe is a welcoming and insightful professional, always providing a laugh, smile, and great advice to those around him.

As a direct adviser for the Price College of Business, Joe is a wealth of knowledge for Price students here at the University of Oklahoma. From helping you prepare for that upcoming interview, to having the perfect cover letter or résumé, Joe is a resource for all Price students in any stage of their career exploration journey.

On Job Searching

When it comes to the job and internship search process, Joe always encourages his students to pay attention to every detail. Think Handshake and LinkedIn. Ensuring your profiles are “recruiter-ready” is a great way to show you are thorough, thoughtful, and really care about your job search experience. Double-check everything and even have a trusted friend read over your profiles for grammatical errors or typos. This is an easy way to get your application moved to the top of a recruiter’s list.

On Advice

Joe’s personal philosophy when it comes to job and internship searching is not being afraid to look outside your major – especially when it comes to looking for internships. In Joe’s words, at the end of the day, it’s more experience you can use in the future. Mixing and matching interests to your career can provide you the flexibility to look for positions outside your immediate major. Joe suggests looking for internships anywhere and everywhere to help you gain experience and see the “real-world side” of different industries in a low-risk environment.

On Working for Career Services

Career Services offers students dozens of free resources, programs, and events to help them land their dream job or internship. Joe loves when students utilize the resources available to them – especially our Mock Interview Program. Did you know that you can reserve a time to come practice your interview skills and get feedback from our team? All you have to do is sign in to your Handshake account and set up a time that works for you.

Joe believes this program can help students ease a lot of pressure from those preparing for an upcoming interview. By utilizing this resource, students can get helpful advice from someone who is on their side so they are ready to go when the big interview arrives.

The Why

Joe has always been an advocate for students. Prior to working in Career Services, he worked with students as a part of the Title IX and Student Conduct teams. Now working with Career Services, Joe says the positivity from the students is his “why.” To Joe, there is no better email than one from a student letting him know they landed that job or internship.

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Helping you get hired sooner,

-OU Career Services Team

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