Decoding Campus Involvement

Decoding Campus Involvement

For employers and students alike, it can feel like we are living in real-life alphabet soup here on campus. If you can name it, there is probably an acronym associated with it as well. Everything from campus organizations to majors can seem like a bunch of random letters thrown together with no apparent meaning whatsoever.

At the university, this kind of jargon become second nature to those living it every day. But we know you, as employers, might not have the same luxury of knowing the OU lingo when it comes to campus involvement. With students becoming more and more involved and engaged outside the classroom, we wanted to provide employers a quick cheat sheet for decoding campus involvement and understanding what the heck students are talking about when the start throwing these acronyms around.

Below are the acronyms of some of the largest extracurricular involvement organizations on campus:

AASA – Asian American Student Association

AISA – American Indian Student Association

BBBS – Big Brothers Big Sisters

BSA – Black Student Association

CAC – Campus Activities Council

E Club – Engineers’ Club

HASA – Hispanic American Student Association

HSA – Honors Student Association

HCSA – Housing Center Student Association

IGC – Independent Greek Council

IFC – Interfraternity Council

MGC – Multicultural Greek Council

NPHC – National Pan-Hellenic Council

OIL – Oklahoma Intercollegiate Legislature

PAN – Panhellenic Association

PCS – President’s Community Scholars

PLC – President’s Leadership Class

PRSSA – Public Relations Student Society of America

SGA – Student Government Association

SWE – Society of Women Engineers

SHS – Sooners Helping Sooners

TLC – Transfer Leadership Class

TOG – The Oklahoma Group

UPB – Union Programming Board

As always, if you have additional questions or need help navigating campus jargon, let us know. We are always here to help!

-OU Career Services Team

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