Student journalists cover national SAE story from insiders’ perspective

Not On Our Campus
Photo by Tyler Woodward/OU Daily

On Sunday, March 8, video of some members of the OU chapter of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity engaging in a racist chant caught national media attention. While many professional newsgroups covered the story from afar, OU’s student journalists were on campus, covering the story from an insider’s perspective as it unfolded.

The innovative News Crowd social media aggregation tool has allowed mobile journalists to cover every aspect of the SAE reaction on Twitter, including fact-based coverage as well as personal reactions.

The Oklahoma Daily began coverage as soon as the initial e-mail tip was received in the Daily newsroom. SAE was on the cover of the Monday, March 8, print edition of the Daily, despite production for that paper falling on the same day the videos were posted. Since the story broke, the Daily has published coverage of the protests as well as statements from campus organizations and readers on the incident. The Daily also created a special edition recapping the first week’s events which was published March 13, this issue and others can be read online.

OU Nightly devoted its entire Monday, March 9 and Tuesday, March 10 night broadcasts to different aspects of the fallout and continues to intimately cover campus reaction. To see the team’s continued coverage of the situation, head to to watch full broadcasts.

Both the Nightly’s and Daily’s social media accounts have been focused on bringing the OU community the most up-to-date information on news, events and movements happening around campus in reaction to the videos.

Gaylord College students found and produced stories on the SAE videos, that larger media outlets didn’t have the time or manpower to cover. and have done a fantastic job ensuring the OU community has access to as much information and as many different opinions as possible, regarding this situation.

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