Give to the Bob Barry Endowment for Student Sports Programs

The Barrys
Bob Barry, Jr., Frank Barry (eldest Barry son), and Bob Barry, Sr. at the 2010 JayMac Alumni Banquet honoring Bob, Sr.

The Bob Barry Endowment for Student Sports Programs was created in 2010 to provide a student enrichment fund to benefit University of Oklahoma students interested in sports journalism. The endowment is intended to make a meaningful difference in the education of future generations of OU sports journalism students.

Both Bob Barry, Sr. (1951) and Bob Barry, Jr. (1980) were known for being great mentors to students and young professionals. Upon the untimely passing of Bob Barry, Jr. on June 20, 2015, several previous interns voiced their appreciation for the way Junior took them under his wing (see image from Twitter below). The Gaylord College is proud of the legacy that these OU journalism alumni built, and thankful for the mentorship they provided to generations of young sports journalists in Oklahoma.

The Fund provides students the opportunity to follow in the Barrys’ footsteps and report on sporting events away from campus like the NFL and NBA drafts, out-of-town contests, or bowl and championship games.

The fund has enabled students to cover the NFL draft with Gerald McCoy, the Insight Bowl game, and the 2014 Super Bowl among others.

Contributions in memory of Bob Barry, Jr. and/or Bob Barry, Sr. and their legacy in Oklahoma sports journalism can be made payable to the OU Foundation, with Bob Barry Endowment listed in the memo line, and mailed to the below address. Contributions can also be made online at OU Foundation website.

Kaneisha Lloyd
Gaylord College Director of Development
The University of Oklahoma
Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communication
395 W. Lindsey St., Ste. 3000
Norman, OK 73019


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