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Tsetsura named director of graduate studies

Katerina TsetsuraThe Gaylord College is pleased to announce that Dr. Katerina Tsetsura has been named the new Director of Graduate Studies.

“Dr. Tsetsura is one of the most active members of our graduate faculty in the Gaylord College,” said David Craig, Gaylord College’s associate dean. “She brings creative ideas and a strong commitment to making our graduate programs better for our current and future students.”

There may never have been a period where our graduate program was more important to the future of our college. A special faculty task force, led by Dr. Meta Carstarphen and Professor Kathy Johnson, has been exploring options over the past year. The group has produced several alternatives which the graduate committee will be able to refine in ways that are attractive to students and enhance the quality of the graduate program. Under the leadership of Katerina Tsetsura the college is poised to move forward in innovative ways.