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Gaylord College ranked top in the nation by the Broadcast Education Awards

NORMAN, OK – Students and faculty in the Gaylord College at the University of Oklahoma have won 19 awards in the Broadcast Education Association’s Festival of Media Arts, more than any university in the nation. The awards were presented in Las festivallogo-2ja09chVegas on April 13. The Festival of Media Arts is the largest awards competition in the video and broadcast education fields, more than 150 colleges and universities submitted 1,300 entries. Gaylord College won more than 15 percent of all awards given.

OU students also won both of the Best of Festival awards in the video category, denoting the top productions of all of the video entries. Two broadcast programs, “OU Nightly,” a daily newscast, and “Sooner Sports Pad,” a weekly sports program broadcast on Fox Sports Southwest, finished among the top three in the nation.

In the faculty category, Professor Scott Hodgson won the Best of Competition Award for his video, “It’s the Music,” and Professor Kyle Bergersen received two Awards of Excellence for his projects, “Red State Blues” and “Welcome to My World of Compromise.”

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Student Video

Best of Festival, (Animation/Experimental), Katie Wingfield & Lindsay Webster, Why I Love Teenage Girls

Best of Festival, (Spots Category), Jason Gwynn, Unilever

1st Place, Instructional/Educational, Sara Groover & Nick Szabo, Sooner Flight Academy

1st Place, Promotional, Spencer Wehde, Garrett Fox, Brooke Adcock & Pablo Fernandez, Rowing

2nd Place, Promotional, Gaylord Hall Productions Team, More Than Just a Student

2nd Place, Music Video, Paige Powell, With You Now

3rd Place, Promotional, Janelle Barrick, Max Bevan, Lindsay Webster & Miguel McCallum, OU Men’s Golf

3rd Place, Spots, Gaylord Hall Broadcast Advertising Team, Mary Kay

Honorable Mention, Spots, Janelle Barrick & Tripp Lopez, No More Excuses



2nd place, TV Sports Talent , Taylor Newcomb, Taylor Newcomb Sports Talent

3rd Place (tie), TV Sports News Program, Heather Healy, Olivia McKennon & Taylor Newcomb, Sooner Sports Pad

Honorable Mention, TV Sports Story / Feature, Nick Jules, Racing for the Cure

Honorable Mention, TV Sports Talent, Mason Prince, Mason Prince Sports Talent



3rd Place, TV Newscast (4 or 5 days), Lauren King, Madeline Stebbins & Olivia McKennon, OU Nightly

Honorable Mention, Radio Hard News Reporting, Molly Evans, A New Kind of Classroom



4th Place, Short Form, Hunter Brothers & Kristin Kohlmeyer, Thirty



Best of Competition, Mixed Video, Scott Hodgson & Janelle Barrick, It’s the Music

Award of Excellence, Short Subject/TV Half Hour, Kyle W. Bergersen, Red State Blues

Award of Excellence, Narrative Video, Kyle W Bergersen, Welcome to My World of Compromise

Gaylord College no. 1 in the state for OBEA broadcast and video awards

2015 OBEA GroupStudents from the Gaylord College at the University of Oklahoma received 27 awards, in the Oklahoma Broadcast Education Association competition. The awards were given at a ceremony on March 26 during the annual Oklahoma Association Broadcasters convention.

Students received a dozen first place awards, five second place awards and 10 third place awards representing 28 percent of all awards given. The Oklahoma Broadcast Education Association Student Media Competition is the most active state competition in the country with 260 entries from 13 Oklahoma schools. This marks nearly 10 years where Gaylord College students have received the most awards of any college or university in the state.

Sooner Sports Pad, a sports magazine show broadcast live each week on FOX Sports Oklahoma, was named the best sports show in the state, and another student sports production, GamedayU Bedlam edition, received third place. Individual students competing in other sports categories also received first place for individual talent reel, and first and third place for individual sports stories.

Of the 18 television categories, Gaylord College students received first or second place in 10 categories and brought home all three awards given in the informational video category. Broadcast radio students also received all three awards given in the long-form journalism radio category, both the first and second place awards in the long narrative category, and third place in the short narrative category. Additionally, a Gaylord College student received first place for scriptwriting.

Professor Ken Fischer was also recognized for his year of leadership as president of the OBEA.

Below is a complete list of all of Gaylord College winners.


Long-Form Journalism, 1st, Sarah Hurd, Young Oklahomans Return To Their Farming Roots

Long-Form Journalism, 2nd, Molly Evans, Painting To Your Own Beat

Long-Form Journalism, 3rd, Hayley Thornton, Germany’s Fascination With Native American Culture

Narrative – Short, 3rd, Nikki Willis, The Cell Phone

Narrative – Long, 1st, Tripp Lopez, Mom It’s Annie

Narrative – Long, 2nd, Grant Johnson, Respect



Commercial, 1st, Max Bevan, Norman Stamp & Seal

Commercial, 3rd, Jason Gwynn, Unilever

Commercial, 3rd, Hayley Struck, Hayley Jamil, Katie Barry, Coke Commercial

PSA, 1st, Elysabeth Casiano, Ashley Morgan, Macy Muirhead, Human Trafficking

Newscast, 2nd, Lauren King & Olivia McKennon, OU Nightly

Sports Story, 1st, Matthew McCullock, Buddy Hield Summer of Love

Sports Story, 3rd, Mason Prince, Samaje Perine Runs Hard

Documentary/Series, 3rd, Erik Macias & Karl Macias, Routes TV-Hell in the Heartland

Entertainment/Talk Program, 1st, Erik Macias & Karl Macias, Routes TV – Art Wars

Sports Magazine/Talk, 1st, Heather Healy & Olivia McKennon, Sooner Sports Pad

Sports Magazine/Talk, 3rd, Malik Carter & Drew Farley, GamedayU Bedlam

Narrative – Short, 1st, Tripp Lopez, Ringbearer

Narrative – Short, 1st, Jeff Black, Ralph Craig & Matt Percival, Last Midnight

Narrative – Short, 3rd, Jason Gwynn, Gopher

Music Video, 2nd, Paige Powell, With You Now

Informational Video, 1st, Lindsay Webster & Kathryn Wingfield, Why I Love Teenage Girls

Informational Video, 2nd, Sara Groover & Nick Szabo, Sooner Flight Academy

Informational Video, 3rd, Brooke Adcock, Pablo Fernandez, Garrett Fox, Spencer Wehde, Jon Hoover, Rowing

Personality Aircheck, 1st, Mason Prince, Mason Prince Sports Talent

Personality Aircheck, 3rd, Vanessa Prado, Vanessa Prado News Talent



Scriptwriting, 1st, Ashley Leisten, Just Being Honest



Mobile-video project, “Talk With Us: Poverty in Oklahoma City Neighborhoods,” launched

Talk With UsGaylord College students and staff at nonprofit news organization Oklahoma Watch have launched a mobile-video project entitled, “Talk With Us: Poverty in Oklahoma City Neighborhoods,” at

This collaboration creates a virtual conversation between low-income residents and public leaders about a wide range of issues facing some of the city’s struggling areas. About 30 virtual conversations are posted online, along with data and multimedia elements. Additional videos are being recorded.

Gaylord College students and Oklahoma Watch reporters recorded short videos using mobile devices in northeast, south and west Oklahoma City, asking low-income residents to describe pressing concerns in their neighborhoods and lives. The videos are then shown to government officials or community leaders and their responses are videotaped.

The project is made possible by a grant from the Online News Association Challenge Fund for Innovation in Journalism Education. The grant is one of 12 awarded nationwide.

“We are excited about the opportunity for Gaylord College students to participate in a project that engages them with real-world issues that matter to Oklahoma City residents,” said David Craig, the college’s associate dean. “Doing these videos is exposing them to a broader, more diverse community than they find on campus.”

David Fritze, executive editor of Oklahoma Watch, said, “The project is intended to provide a deeper understanding of the day-to-day challenges that people face in low-income communities and to amplify their voices among public officials and leaders who make the decisions that affect the residents’ lives.”

In conjunction with the mobile-video project, the organizations are presenting a public Q&A forum on April 16 to discuss challenges in low-income neighborhoods in south Oklahoma City. The “Talk With Us” forum will be held from 6-7 p.m. on Thursday, April 16, at the Capitol Hill United Methodist Church gymnasium, 123 S.W. 25th St., Oklahoma City.

Fritze will moderate a discussion with Oklahoma City Councilwoman Meg Salyer, Oklahoma City Public Schools Board Member Gloria Torres, and Attorney Michael Brooks-Jimenez about issues they see and deal with in south Oklahoma City. Those interested in attending are encouraged to RSVP to and come with questions.

Students and Faculty Win Seven Telly Awards for Video Productions

Telly AwardsGaylord College students and faculty received seven Bronze Telly Awards in the 35th Annual Telly Awards. The Telly Awards honors the very best film & video productions, groundbreaking online video content, and outstanding local, regional, & cable TV commercials and programs.

The winning student productions included two promotional videos, “This is my classroom” and “Empowering Storytellers,” produced for the Gaylord College Centennial and a special edition of the student-produced TV news magazine, Routes TV, focused on the aftermath of the May 20 Moore tornado. In addition, three projects from broadcasting and electronic media professor Scott Hodgson which also included student crew and production talent.

Click on the title for each winner to watch the full videos.

Title Category Credits Client
This Is Our Classroom:
Centennial Edition
Non-broadcast productions-education Producer-Janelle Barrick; Editor-Zack Strauss; Animation: Joshua Shockley; Associate Producers: Mark Burnett, Hunter Clausen, Molly Mohr, Trauvello Stevenson, Sarah Fullerton, Cameron Masingale; Ex. Producer-Scott Hodgson
Gaylord College
Empowering Storytellers:
Gaylord College Centennial
Non-Broadcast Productions-Recruitment Producer/Director-Cameron Masingale Talent-Janelle Barrick Ex. Producer-Scott Hodgson
Gaylord College
Routes TV: Spring 2013 TV Programs, Segments or Promotional Pieces-Education Producers: Hannah Bacher, Nick Dyer Ex. Producer-Kathleen Johnson
It’s the Music TV Programs, Segments or Promotional Pieces-Education Ex. Producer/Director/Co-Writer-Scott Hodgson Producer/Co-Writer/Editor-Janelle Barrick
OU School of Music
Tornado Emergency:
Moore, OK
Non-Broadcast Productions – Public Relations Producer/Director-Scott Hodgson; Producer-Janelle Barrick; Editor-Joshua Shockley; Crew-Nick Dyer, Sara Groover, Lauren Hines, Daryl King, Zack Strauss
National Association of Broadcasters/Broadcast Education Association
Surviving the Storm Non-Broadcast Productions-Safety and Non-Broadcast Productions-How To Producer/Director/Writer-Scott Hodgson; Producer-Janelle Barrick; Crew-Pablo Fernandez, Max Bevan, Lauren Hines, Camille Krehbiel, Nick Szabo, Alissa Horn, Mary-Blair Dickinson, Ashley Crawford, Olivia McKennon