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Students and Faculty Win Seven Telly Awards for Video Productions

Telly AwardsGaylord College students and faculty received seven Bronze Telly Awards in the 35th Annual Telly Awards. The Telly Awards honors the very best film & video productions, groundbreaking online video content, and outstanding local, regional, & cable TV commercials and programs.

The winning student productions included two promotional videos, “This is my classroom” and “Empowering Storytellers,” produced for the Gaylord College Centennial and a special edition of the student-produced TV news magazine, Routes TV, focused on the aftermath of the May 20 Moore tornado. In addition, three projects from broadcasting and electronic media professor Scott Hodgson which also included student crew and production talent.

Click on the title for each winner to watch the full videos.

Title Category Credits Client
This Is Our Classroom:
Centennial Edition
Non-broadcast productions-education Producer-Janelle Barrick; Editor-Zack Strauss; Animation: Joshua Shockley; Associate Producers: Mark Burnett, Hunter Clausen, Molly Mohr, Trauvello Stevenson, Sarah Fullerton, Cameron Masingale; Ex. Producer-Scott Hodgson
Gaylord College
Empowering Storytellers:
Gaylord College Centennial
Non-Broadcast Productions-Recruitment Producer/Director-Cameron Masingale Talent-Janelle Barrick Ex. Producer-Scott Hodgson
Gaylord College
Routes TV: Spring 2013 TV Programs, Segments or Promotional Pieces-Education Producers: Hannah Bacher, Nick Dyer Ex. Producer-Kathleen Johnson
It’s the Music TV Programs, Segments or Promotional Pieces-Education Ex. Producer/Director/Co-Writer-Scott Hodgson Producer/Co-Writer/Editor-Janelle Barrick
OU School of Music
Tornado Emergency:
Moore, OK
Non-Broadcast Productions – Public Relations Producer/Director-Scott Hodgson; Producer-Janelle Barrick; Editor-Joshua Shockley; Crew-Nick Dyer, Sara Groover, Lauren Hines, Daryl King, Zack Strauss
National Association of Broadcasters/Broadcast Education Association
Surviving the Storm Non-Broadcast Productions-Safety and Non-Broadcast Productions-How To Producer/Director/Writer-Scott Hodgson; Producer-Janelle Barrick; Crew-Pablo Fernandez, Max Bevan, Lauren Hines, Camille Krehbiel, Nick Szabo, Alissa Horn, Mary-Blair Dickinson, Ashley Crawford, Olivia McKennon