Connecting with Your Roommate 101 (as told by “New Girl” and “Friends”)

What Not to Do

  1. Bring everything from your room at home.

move in 2

  1. Suppress your thoughts and feelings instead of talking to your roommate when there’s a problem.


  1. Disrespect your roommate’s differences, space, things and ideas.


  1. Wait to talk about your habits and pet peeves until your roommate starts to get on your nerves.


What to Do

  1. Get excited because you have a college roommate!

excited phone

  1. Talk about who’s going to bring what for move-in to avoid bringing duplicates of some items.

Move in

  1. Get to know your roommate and connect on social media before move-in day. Find out what your future roommate’s hobbies and interests are. If you live close enough to each other, you can hang out before move-in day, too.


  1. Lay down some ground rules or negotiations at the beginning of the semester to avoid conflict later on.

sat for sleeping

  1. Discuss your lifestyles such as your sleeping habits, when/where you plan on doing homework, when you have class, whether or not you’re a hugger.

differences 2

  1. Have open and honest communication. Address small problems before they become big problems.


  1. Be open-minded because you may come from very different backgrounds.


  1. Create traditions. Whether it’s getting Chinese takeout every Friday or watching Jimmy Fallon with a bag of popcorn once a week, making traditions is a good way to bond and create memories.

dinner take out

  1. Have fun!!!

friends hugging

2 thoughts on “Connecting with Your Roommate 101 (as told by “New Girl” and “Friends”)

  1. Hi- Amy Hobbs here . My son has not been able to connect with his roommate ? He has tried through social media and an OU email, but no luck! Can you help me?

    Thank you,

    • Hi, Amy! We understand that it can be difficult to get in touch with roommates sometimes. However, due to privacy reasons we only release students’ names and OU email adresses. We hope they are able to connect soon. You can always contact the main housing office at (405) 325-2511 if you have any questions.

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