5 Things You Need To Do Now That You’re On Campus (As Told by ’90s GIFs)

It’s week three of college. You’re beginning to memorize your busy class schedule. You’ve figured out the difference between the building abbreviations “DAH” and “DEH” (Dale Hall Tower and Devon Energy Hall – not the same thing nor are they anywhere near each other). And you’ve gotten the chance to sample something from almost every restaurant in the Caf.

Now that you’re getting settled, there are a few more things you should do.

1. Go to Crossroads for a late-night snack:


2. Visit your professors’ office hours:


3. Take an exercise class at the Huff:


4. Complete the Alcohol Awareness, Sexual Misconduct and Diversity Experience trainings.


5. Grab your roomie, and go to Meacham for one of UPB’s free movies:




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