OUr Favorite Study Spots on Campus

Congrats! You have officially tackled the first half of the semester. As school work continues to pile up, it’s time to find your new favorite space to get some serious studying done. Whether you like to study outside, in a quiet place where you can focus or in a space where you can be interactive with friends and classmates, OU has it all. Spend some time exploring campus, or start by taking a look at a few of our favorite study spots.

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The new Couch Practice Center in Couch Center.

Residence Halls: No need to leave the residence halls there is a 24-hour, monitored, quiet study room with free coffee in Adams. There also are lounges located in all of the centers.

The brand-new Couch Practice Center has a variety of innovative features to help you succeed, including treadmill desks, comfortable furniture, walls that turn into dry erase boards with the push of a button and private rooms that you can reserve. Go take the treadmill desks for a spin. Exercise + studying = multitasking at its finest.

Sooner Schooner Room: You can hide away for hours in the booths of the Schooner Room. The cozy, group-friendly atmosphere and variety of dining options in the union make it one of the more popular study places at OU.

Gaylord Balcony Patio: This is our go-to study spot on a beautiful day. It has a great view overlooking the Gaylord courtyard and is the ideal spot to soak up some vitamin D.

Beaird Lounge in the Oklahoma Memorial Union.

Beaird Lounge: Located in the Oklahoma Memorial Union, this secluded space features cozy chairs, couches and big tables. Beaird Lounge is guaranteed to make you feel warm when studying on a cold day.

Peggy V. Helmerich Collaborative Learning Center: If you’re looking for a collaborative atmosphere to work on group projects, this new learning environment is the place for you. Plus, The Bookmark is there to satisfy your need for caffeine during long study sessions. Learn how to reserve one of the rooms in the Collaborative Learning Center here.

The Great Reading Room: Needing a quiet place where you can stay focused? This is the perfect spot for you. Located in the Bizzell Memorial Library, the Great Reading Room’s collegiate feel and silent atmosphere make it an optimal place to get serious with your studies. 

The Great Reading Room in the Bizzell Memorial Library.




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