It’s Easy Being Green: Recycling Edition

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Recycling: Easy, right? The answer is yes! Here at OU, finding a place to put your recycling isn’t hard. There are bins in multiple places across campus, including in the residence halls bins can be found in each lobby and on each floor of every center.

Knowing where to put your recycling, however, is just one part of the process. Here are a few more things you should know:

  • First, determine the item’s recyclability. (Sure, it’s a word.)

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You can tell if many products are recyclable by looking on the packaging. Sometimes this is on the label, and sometimes it’s on the bottom of the object (see below). In the residence halls, you can recycle plastics #1-9, paper, newspaper, cardboard and aluminum.  

You may be thinking, “Pause, what does plastics #1-9 mean?”

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With many plastic items, you have to pay attention to the number found inside the recycling symbol on your product. Not all plastics will have a number inside the symbol, but many will, like the plastic soup can above.

  • Next, make the item squeaky clean.

Be sure to rinse the food and drink out of your items when you’re recycling. If an item is contaminated with food residue (like take-out containers) or liquid, you shouldn’t recycle it.

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  • Ditch the lid.

Leave the lids off of plastic bottles when recycling them, as shown with the bottles below. You can just toss that part in the trash.

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  • Last, take the item to its respective bin.

Plastics, paper, aluminum and newspaper can be recycled at the stations on each residence hall floor. You can recycle cardboard in the basement of your residence hall. Don’t forget to break down cardboard boxes before recycling them.

(Remember, a few items you can’t recycle in the residence halls include glass, pizza boxes and plastic bags.)

Start Today!

Take a moment and think about an item you eat or drink every week. Does it come in a container that’s recyclable? Start by recycling that item next time you have it. Bonus: Recycling saves room in your trash can… AKA, you may not have to take the trash out as often!

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Do your part and join us in #OUrEfforts to recycle in the residence halls!



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