8 thoughts on “Things We’re Thankful For

    • Absolutely agreed. I had a laundry list of broken things when I moved into my apartment back in the Summer (the next day after Spring people finished moving out), and figured it would be a few days to get everything addressed, given the fact that the staff would be busy with checked-out rooms and what-not. I had a missing light fixture cover, no shower curtain, broken sink loop for towel, only one faucet knob worked, I couldn’t adjust the fan settings in my room, non-functioning power outlets, etc. One maintenance guy came over the very next day (along with another housing staff giving me a shower curtain) and fixed it all like it was nothing within 20 minutes, tops, and that’s with all the other stuff he had on his plate. He did all that work and still had time to chat. I was so impressed I decided to have a conversation with him about his job, what the demands were per semester, what kind of terrible things maintenance has had to put up with, because his hard work and pleasant demeanor made me want to get to know him and housing’s side of things. Very welcoming and hardworking staff!

  1. The Thanksgiving program that Housing and Food is providing for residents on thanksgiving day so those of us that are not able to go back home still have a home here where we can celebrate Thanksgiving Day ❤️

  2. Thankful for my professors who invest their time to answer my questions and concerns not just about class assignments but over my college life. I’m thankful for their patience with me and their encouragement!

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