Finals Survival Guide


Just one week one dreaded week. That’s all that stands between you and an entire month free of homework, tests and projects.

While final exams will be the reason for most college students’ lack of sleep, test anxiety and possible breakdowns, following these tips will keep you healthy and focused. Prep for finals a week early by keeping this survival guide in mind.

  • Set Goals and Rewards
    It’s human nature to avoid studying if you view it as a duty. By setting goals and rewards – like 20 minutes of your fav TV show for every two hours that you study – you will reinforce what you’re doing, improve your attitude and finish strong.
  • Use Your Planner
    Block out time when you want to study. It will keep you on track and will help you avoid wasting precious time.
  • Give Yourself a Break
    While you’re scheduling study time into your planner, go ahead and pencil in some breaks, too. Taking 30 minutes to re-energize yourself will make you more productive when you get back to the study grind.
  • Use Your Academic Resources
    OU offers tons of free resources to help you make the most of your studies. Try the Writing Center, Action Center Tutoring, new Couch Practice Center, your professors’ office hours or even book a room in the CLC for a study group.
  • Study with a Group or Classmate
    Study groups can be super helpful, depending on the material you’re studying. We recommend keeping study groups to five people or less. However, some classes may require more “individual” studying. Use your best judgement to determine whether your studying should be a group thing or a solitary thing.
  • Eat Right
    It’s important to eat foods that aren’t going to bog you down during finals. Below are some of our favorite study snacks that you can find at both Xcetera and Union Market!

    • Apples
    • Hummus and veggies
    • Greek yogurt
    • Almonds
    • String cheese
    • Dried fruit
    • Dark chocolate
  • Hydrate
    Drink water. We all know we should probably be drinking more water than we do. Just do it.
  • Sleep
    All-nighters may seem tempting, but it’s never worth it. Yes, getting the right amount of sleep helps you stay healthy, but your brain also processes information that you’ve learned throughout the day when you sleep. If you take away that processing time, you’re losing absorption of information.
  • Turn Off Your Phone
    Checking your phone is tempting, we know. One second, you’re glancing at Facebook, and an hour later, you’ve liked every one of your friends old profile pictures. Put it across the room if you can. If not, putting it on “Do Not Disturb” or signing out of all social media accounts can also help keep you focused.

It’s not rocket science, but following these tips may help you out during this stressful exam time. Good luck from Housing and Food Services!


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