The Day I Met Reuben

A few days ago, I was a different person – not in a philosophical way, but in the I-have-never-met-Reuben way. But last week, when I took my first bite of the Rockin’ Russian Reuben sandwich from The Trailer at OU, I became a different person – a person who craves The Trailer’s Reuben sandwich and constantly tells others to try it, too.



The Reuben sandwich is loaded with a third pound of warm pastrami, a handful of sauerkraut and a slice of Swiss cheese. It is big enough to feed a few people, but you won’t want to share. It’s no secret why this sandwich is the most requested menu item at The Trailer. If you’re not craving a sandwich for lunch, though, don’t fret. The Trailer’s menu is designed to cure any appetite.




Something to Taco ‘Bout:

Something you won’t find on The Trailer’s regular menu, however, are the tacos. These tacos are so special that The Trailer devotes one day each week to making them – Taco Tuesday. The Chick, the Little Pig, the Carnie and the Veggie Tale are just a few of the tacos you can order on Taco Tuesday. These tacos are made with fresh ingredients that will leave you wishing every day was Taco Tuesday.

Food Trailer


Whether you want to spread a blanket and have a taco picnic on the South Oval or order a burger on-the-go, The Trailer is your answer. Now that your mouth is watering, go check out #TheTraileratOU! Be sure to follow  @OU_HousingandFood on Instagram so you can see The Trailer’s schedule each week.

Fun Fact:

The Trailer started out as a concession trailer for OU soccer and baseball in the 1990s and has now evolved into one of OU’s most unique campus dining experiences.


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