Getting the Hang of It With OU Hammockers


It’s midafternoon, you just grabbed lunch at Crossroads and now you need to find a place to be productive. You suddenly envy the lucky students relaxing in hammocks outside the Biz.

Hammocking is one of OU students’ favorite campus pastimes. Are you curious about how hammocking works? We approached a few of the experts and gathered some insights so you can learn more about this unique OU community.

What is your favorite spot for hammocking?


Ben Korty, electrical engineering sophomore, said his favorite spot is the west side of the Biz, where the sun hits and sets perfectly.

It’s nice to be around other people, the library and The Bookmark,” Korty said.

The proximity to snacks and coffee at The Bookmark is just one of the things that makes this hammocking spot one of the best on campus.

As Korty tightly folded his hammock and packed it up, he said, “the low branches here are a nice thing. I like this level.”


How do you know when the hammock is placed correctly?


For the new hammocker, one of the main things to consider is learning the minimum height to avoid hitting the ground with your hang.

“If you’re a new user, go for it! There is not a magical formula for the right level because everyone has a different way,” Qiana Harrison, an art technology and culture major, said.

Harrison and Jonathan Unruh were enjoying the serenity of the afternoon while chatting. It’s hard to believe that these experts who hammock in the mountains and by lakes were once novice hammockers.

“It’s a lot of trial-and-error,” Harrison said.


When are the best times to hammock?


“The middle of the day until about 5 p.m. on a spring day,” Emily Taylor, a journalism major, said.

Taylor added that she likes to look for trees that are not too far apart, but it all comes down to personal preference. The farther apart the trees are, the more stress you will add to your hammock. By having closer trees, your hang will feel more relaxing.



What is your best tip for having the perfect hammocking experience?

While there are many choices and sizes for hammocks, Nina Chism recommends the double person hammock.

IMG_0272For Chism, a health and  exercise science major, this day marked her introduction to the hammocking community.

Chism admits she had no idea what she was doing but was surprised at how easy setting the hammock was. After setting up, Chism described her experience as relaxing and fun!

“It has a lot of room. I was scared to flip, but now I see that it’s very secure,” Chism said. 

The experts have spoken. Hammocking may be one of the best ways to enjoy these gorgeous spring afternoons on OU’s campus.  

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