What You’ll Miss About OU During the Summer

Living on campus


Snuggling up in your bed at home is a nice feeling after sharing a room for so long. Some nights, however, you’ll wish you had your roomie just a few feet away to laugh with, or you will long for a chat with your awesome RA (admit it, they know everything).

If you’re wondering how your time in the residence halls ended so fast, maybe it’s time to rethink leaving the halls for good and find a nice on-campus place to share with your best friend.

Your college routine


As you get bored of binge watching your favorite shows until 2 a.m. and waking up no earlier than noon for days on end, you’ll see why checking off an agenda full of student responsibilities is so rewarding. This is especially true when your responsibilities include classes, labs, study sessions, home games and successfully penciling in your social life somewhere.

Nothing compares to that feeling you get while celebrating a job well done with a roomie movie night.

The town of Norman (especially its people)


You know those nice warm weekends when you just feel like winding down at Lake Thunderbird? Or maybe those days you just can’t help but make a trip to Historic Campus Corner for a chill hang out with your friends? And if your family doesn’t understand your Sooner love come football season, your Norman neighbor surely does — our town lives in crimson and cream just to prove it. The time you spend away will teach you to appreciate what you have at your fingertips.

The beauty of our campus


OU is home to beautiful architecture with even more impressive art. The Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art houses famous French Impressionism and Native American collections (among many others). The Sam Noble Museum of Natural History is currently featuring Galileo’s World and Dinosaur exhibits. Then there’s the stunning Great Reading Room at the Biz and the amazing Gaylord Family Memorial Stadium. You can’t casually gaze at their beauty while you’re away for the summer, so take time to tour them all again when you come back for the fall!

The food


Almost nothing tastes better than a home-cooked meal after visiting the same places for nine months. But believe it or not, you’ll actually miss this food when you least expect it. You’ll catch your nose in the air as it follows what you think is the batter of a short stack of pancakes drizzling over a steaming griddle. Then, just like that, it’s gone; you’re not back in Cate Restaurants. But don’t fret, OU Campus Dining will welcome you back with warm plates and bright smiles.

Random adventures with your pals


Whether your adventures included finding the perfect spot to hang a hammock, participating in the famous Campus Coffee Crawl, pulling all nighters at the Biz or getting creative with your study/hang out spots, the time you get by yourself this summer will make you miss the excitement of people ready to jump into the college experience with you. These spontaneous moments you share will make for great memories.

As you find yourself away from your home away from home, you’ll cherish these little moments even more. No, there’s no way to fight the nostalgia. Just remember OU is always ready to welcome you back!

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