A Guide to the OU Residential Colleges

The OU campus is buzzing with talk about the brand-new Residential Colleges that are popping up across the street from the stadium. Set to debut in the Fall of 2017, the Residential Colleges will provide upperclass students with a home in the heart of campus that encourages community, academic growth and tradition. You may have many questions about these new digs, and we are ready to be your guide for understanding this unique approach to student living.


Modeled after residence halls at schools like Yale and Harvard, the OU Residential Colleges offer upperclass students who live there, also known as Fellows,  a close-knit community located on campus. These beautiful facilities house classrooms, seminar rooms, study areas, a dining hall and living spaces for students. The colleges will house 300 fellows each and offer activities like intramural sports and high teas. This experience is meant to encourage students to come together as one and grow both socially and academically.


The University of Oklahoma is all about community, and the Residential Colleges take this idea one step further. Students will be able to build this community through High Table dinners,  intramural teams and study sessions in the colleges’ library. The Residential Colleges are built around an Achievement Program of engagement, enrichment and excellence. This program is centered around the development of the student through academic programs, creative skills activities and cultural experiences. At the completion of the program, Fellows have the opportunity to graduate with honors from their college. In addition to the excellent programs, Fellows have the opportunity to spend their years at the university living on our beautiful campus and establishing strong bonds with students and faculty.


Upperclass students are encouraged to apply to live amongst a diverse population of students. Fellows will represent a wide variety of majors, interests and backgrounds. Community is key, and those looking to build relationships and connect to a smaller group on campus can find their place here.


The Residential Colleges will open in the fall 2017. Applications will be available this coming fall semester on the Residential Colleges’ website.

These beautiful new additions to campus will provide the OU community with yet another opportunity for students to establish a home away from home that provides them with strong friendships and a place to grow. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram  to stay updated and learn about all the exciting things happening!

The Breakdown: Terms to Know

Fellow: Upperclass student living in the Residential Colleges

Senior Fellow: Presiding faculty member and chief academic adviser for the college.

Faculty Fellow: Teach seminar-sized versions of regular courses in the college as well as offer one-credit-hour Residential College seminars

Dunham College: Residential College named after OU graduate Archie Dunham and his wife Linda

Headington College: Residential College named after OU graduate Tim Headington

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