The Types of Roommates You Should Want to Get in College

Now, we’re not saying people can fit in one little box, everyone has thousands of qualities. But if we had to pick, we would definitely choose one of these roomies!

The hardcore academic

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This is the Advanced Placement, PhD-wanting student who already memorized the reading material or what was available anyway. Your roommate may not be the most social and if you at some point wonder where to find this person, you can try your luck searching in the library, among those little clusters of people around campus that look like study groups or meeting with a professor.

Why you want this roommate:

The hardcore academic is a bit more intense about school than you, but this is who you want when midterms and finals roll around. She knows how to get through college and can teach you the way, or he’ll save you a trip to a “learning to study” session, so be very grateful.

The NUMBER ONE sports fan

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Who knew someone could love sports so much? Your roommate knows all the rules and will more than likely show off a famous player, team or stadium on that half of the wall. College sports are an art you’ll grow to appreciate.

Why you want this roommate:

You will unwittingly learn school spirit while you room together. When you least expect it, you’ll be tagging along for a home game or two, even if you don’t know the rules! No one can teach you how to love this university quite like the NUMBER ONE sports fan.

The clean-er (because it’s never clean enough)

giphy (15)Yes, we all know this one. Cleaning gives this person’s life rhyme and reason. It has likely become a hobby, and this type of roommate won’t be afraid to remind you it’s up to both of you to keep the room clean (by the way, it is).

Why you want this roommate:

The clean-er will give structure back to your increasingly hectic life. When it feels like adulthood is coming too fast, your roommate can show you how easy it is to become more responsible. And imagine how proud your mom would be if she saw you making your bed?

The socializer

giphy (3)Need to know when student elections are? Want to find out more about a club or organization? You’re in luck because if it involves crowds of people, the socializer knows it all. You’re likely to witness this student disappear to join every organization you saw at student life orientation. Professors and campus leaders will recognize that name and face on sight. EVERYONE knows your roommate.

Why you want this roommate:

It’s like being friends with a campus celebrity! If you want to join a club or intramural sport at least you’ll know someone, or know someone who knows someone. Besides, it’s hard to dislike your roomie when all that awesomeness is obvious to everyone else.

The bestie

giphy (17)Whether it’s your old best friend or you just clicked the second you met, the bestie is the rock that supports you through college life. You spend most of your time hanging out with the same people and will probably end up taking more than one class together.

Why you want this roommate:

Why would you not want this roommate? A best friend will play as your sibling, mother figure, conscience and shoulder to cry on all at once. It won’t be all good, but you will never look back and wish you’d roomed with someone else.

The polar opposite

giphy (7)

The two of you are more different than you are alike or are somehow the complete opposite of each other — music, books, movies, even your majors have absolutely nothing in common.

Why you want this roommate:

Sometimes opposites complement each other. The polar opposite will teach you to see things from unexpected angles, and you’ll be more open to learn why people love what they love. Get ready for the most interesting debates and deepest conversations. 

The try-one-of-each

giphy (5)This roommate is excited about college life and wants to try new things ALL the time. Those motivational quotes throughout the room that remind you to seize the day are not your doing. The try-one-of-each likes exotic foods and is planning about a million trips that may or may not happen.

Why you want this roommate:

What better way to learn to come out of your shell than with a roommate who’s not afraid to look silly? If you dare to tag along, you will get into the strangest of situations and the best adventures. You’ll always have a little anecdote to share at icebreakers.
So, what type of roommate do you hope you’ll get? More importantly, what type of roommate do you think you’ll be?

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