A Checklist to Prepare for Fall 2016

With little over a month left for Move-In, you probably feel like fall can’t come soon enough. It’s completely normal if you’re that student learning anything and everything you can about OU and slowly packing up your room weeks in advance. The excitement is great, but there are a few housekeeping details to consider before it’s time to pack up the car.

__1. Know what to expect from your room

blogpicoption2Take a tour of the residence halls for ideas on how to best use the space. Room dimensions are available online, and if taking a trip before the big move isn’t an option, take a virtual tour instead.

Once all the technical stuff is out of the way, put that creative hat on and fill your Pinterest with DIY projects to use throughout the year. Being a freshman is all about learning to do things on your own and little projects to decorate the room or organize a calendar are the perfect way to start.

__2. Talk to your roommate

If you’ve been following us on social media, you’ve seen our Quick Tips and know the importance of discussing Move-In details. When it come to bonding time with the roommate, talk about pet peeves, sleeping habits and maybe even each other’s expectations of the coming semester. And yes, figuring out who’s bringing the microwave or the coffeemaker is not a bad idea.

__3. Check out our vendors

collegiate conceptssooner laundryreshalllinensWith great residence halls come great amenities and perks. Be sure to look into our vendor services like MicroFridge™ rental by Collegiate Concepts, laundry services by Sooner Laundry and Twin XL sheets by Residence Hall Linens.

If you want to rent a MicroFridge™, place the order by July 25 and it will be in the residence halls by Move-In Day.

__4. Figure out if you want a parking permit

CARTlogoNot all Housing residents choose to keep their cars on campus. The Cleveland Area Rapid Transit  (CART) shuttle system is a nice option if you think your car will just stay parked most of the time. CART services even offers real-time GPS tracking to make it easier to plan for its stops.parkingservices

But maybe, you want your car to make weekend outings and biweekly grocery shopping less of a hassle. Then you’ll need to purchase a housing parking permit. When you purchase the permit, which you can now do, having it mailed to your home will leave one less thing to worry about for the first week of class.

__5. Visit the IT Store

OU IT StoreYou can shop for discounted technology online or by visiting the brick-and-mortar store on Historic Campus Corner. The OU IT Store offers all types of tech items, from phone chargers and computer cases to software programs like the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite.

With the access to Lynda.com’s tutorials all OU students get, the technology is all you’ll need to learn to your heart’s desire.

__6. Have your IDs ready 

SoonerCard.Crimson copySooner Card is a must to do pretty much everything, including getting into your residence hall, using meal plans and even for some computer labs around campus. If you didn’t get it on enrollment day, drop by the Oklahoma Memorial Union as soon as possible. All housing residents will need their Sooner Card on Move-In Day.

Finally, don’t forget to bring your state ID, driver’s license and social security number if you plan to submit paperwork to study abroad or apply for a job.

__7. Learn to navigate Ozone

OzoneOnce fall rolls around,  Ozone will be the portal to use for all kinds of academic and financial links. For now, navigate through the website at least a couple times and get familiar with its resources. Focus on links in the academics tab, like enrollment and degree tools. The week-at-a-glance schedule, for instance, shows hall names and room numbers of your courses in a weekly-calendar format. Have one of these ready to take to class at least for the first week.

__8. Dot your i’s and cross your t’s

EmailIconMake sure all your paperwork is in order. If you submitted an application for financial aid, for example, check that your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) was processed properly. Visit the financial aid website for details and guidance.

Also, don’t forget to submit your final official high school transcript. Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate Program (IB) and concurrent credits are handled separately. Look at this list of Prior Learning Assessment Credits to figure out what is transferable.

__9. Look up your course materials

OUBookstoreEnrolling is one of the most exciting steps to take as a first-time student. Now that you know your schedule for the fall, consider buying course materials prior to Move-In and avoid the stress of looking for textbooks on top of unpacking and getting settled.

The OU Bookstore is the tool you need. It offers multiple new and used products to buy or rent, as well as information on the required materials for specific class sections and professors. Sign in with your OU email or follow the link through the main Ozone home page.

ouLIBblogIf you’re still unsure whether or not to purchase materials before classes begin, email professors and ask if it’s what they recommend. Just remember to keep the email professional! Another option is to look in OU Libraries, which have an assortment of texts available for three-hour loan periods, then you can wait to buy them until after the first week of class.

Last but not least, remember to check for the required versions of the books, regardless of where you get them.

__10. Get hyped up!

Congratulations on making it this far and good luck on the adventures that lie ahead. Nothing compares to being a freshman in college, so enjoy this experience without reservations. Keep following Housing and Residence Life for more tips and tricks and get ready for the best year!

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