Tips and Tricks For Your OU Living Space

The wait is finally over, and you can start planning for your new college living space! Luckily, OU provides a pretty handy packing list  that explains everything you need to bring with you. However, we decided to break it down a little and throw out some tips and tricks that will help make your room your own.




Bedding is what establishes the comfort level of any room. Sometimes your bed becomes your home away from home; so, it’s important to make it as cozy as possible. A comfy mattress cover adds some extra cushion, and fun sheets and pillows help show a little bit of your personality. Be sure to bring along some extra blankets for movie nights or those especially cold winter days.


Our Tip: If you are looking for a one-stop-shop resource for all of your linens, check out Residence Hall Linens. They provide twin- XL linen packages in a variety of colors. Just place your order online, and it will be delivered right to your door before you head to Norman for Move-In.

Lamps, Christmas lights and all things that are bright:

To create a homey feel, it’s important to have good lighting. A desk lamp is useful for studying. A lamp on your nightstand or a standing lamp somewhere in your room is a good source of light for the times that you don’t want to use the overhead light.


Our Tip: Christmas lights are a great  way to add a creative accessory to your decor that also creates a relaxing atmosphere for your days off. Just remember, lights cannot be hung from the ceiling.


ChelseaDon’t neglect the walls:

Whether you craft like you are the CEO of Pinterest or like to peruse Hobby Lobby for the latest decoration sales, the best way to make your living space pop with personality is decorating the walls. Pictures of your family and friends are always a great way to personalize your space as well as hanging up crafts or accenting your wall with a colorful tapestry.


Our Tip: Use adhesive wall strips to hang everything up and avoid poking holes in the wall. Also, don’t neglect your wardrobe space. The doors on your closet can be a great place to showcase pictures.


LoftedIMG_0898To loft or not to loft, that is the question:

Now that you have your decor set up, it’s time to design the layout of your room. A regular bed allows for easy access, but a lofted bed? That’s what a 10-year-old’s summer camp dreams are made of. Lofting gives you enough space under your bed to fit your desk, drawers, a futon, a chair or any combination you can think of. Not to mention, it opens up the floor and gives you more room to move around. For some, having a bed that high gives them a place to climb up to and escape.

Yet, let’s not forget about our good friend Isaac Newton and his classic theory “What goes up must come down.” Having a lofted bed means excessive amounts of climbing, and after a long day of classes, that ladder turns into Everest. Coming home and easily flopping down on your bed is not an option when it comes to lofting.


Our Tip: Ask yourself, do the pros outweigh the cons? Though the deadline to choose your bed style is up, it’s also important to keep in mind that you aren’t locked into your decision. If you want to switch at some point, just put in a maintenance request!  Also, don’t forget that bunking your beds is a great option as well!  


MicroSnacks: the essential to college life

OU has a plethora of amazing meals to eat. From gourmet grilled cheese to stir fry, you’ll never go hungry on campus. But what about those late night study snacks or quick breakfasts on the go? The solution is to have a snacking area in your room. A refrigerator, microwave and snack storage makes for convenient snacking on your busiest days.



Our Tip: You can bring your own setup from home or use Collegiate Concepts. This convenient company provides MicroFridge (microwave refrigerator combination) rentals to OU students. Place your order online here before July 25th to ensure that your MicroFridge is waiting for you in your room.


IMG_4174IMG_4175Lather, Rinse, Repeat:

Don’t forget about your bathroom space! While Cate Center and David L. Boren offer community-style living, Adams, Couch and Walker Centers have suite-style, which means four to a bathroom.





Our Tip: Wait and put your bathroom together when you arrive on campus. Not only will this prevent buying multiples of one thing, but it will give you the chance to bond with your suitemates.

These are some of our tips and tricks, but what are some things you will do to make your room your home?



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    • One refrigerator and one microwave are allowed per room. Please coordinate with your roommate on these purchases. Each appliance may not exceed 3-cubic-feet capacity or outside dimensions of 25” x 25” x 25”. Microwaves may not consume more than three amps per hour of electricity when running and may power between 500-750 watts. A mini-fridge may power between 150-350 watts. Please note that any appliance with a flame or hot coil is prohibited.

    • Prior to Move-In, students can request to have their beds bunked or lofted to the standard loft height (70 in). However, no custom height requests can be submitted ahead of time. The deadline to make the request to have beds lofted or bunked was last Friday, July 13. After Move-In, students can always complete a maintenance request to have our facilities team come to their rooms to loft, bunk or adjust the height of a lofted bed. The request form is available here:

    • Hi, Lola. Our packing list associated with this post was for Move-In 2016. Since that was several years ago, it’s no longer active/available online. We’ll put out a new one next year. 🙂

    • Yes, students put headboards on the beds all the time. 🙂

      Here are the bed measurements that we have:
      Bed (Loft): H max: 70 in W: 38 in L: 86 in
      Bed (Standard): H: 38 in
      Mattress: H: 6 in W: 37 in L: 81 in

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