5 Ways to Bond With Your Roommate

One of the most exciting parts about college is the opportunity to share a living space with a fellow student. Your new roommate will be someone who you share many new experiences with. So, why not take the time to create a solid bond with them? We have compiled a list of five ways you can add some bonding time into your busy college schedule.

1. Good Eats

Let’s be real, nothing brings people closer than FOOD. Plan a roommate dinner to the Caf or head over to Crossroads for a late night milkshake. Soon enough these spontaneous meals will turn into a routine.


2. Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Join an intramural sports team with your roommate! This will help you learn to work as a team and have some fun while doing it! OU offers a wide variety of sports from flag football to horseshoes. You will always have an opportunity to get moving!


3. Binge Watch

Whether it’s a new thriller like Stranger Things or your hundredth round of The Office, having a TV show to watch together never fails to create a bond. Make it a lazy Sunday activity or a nightly event. You also could get your hall-mates in on the fun! This always will give you something to talk about and look forward to together. 


4. Study

It’s no secret that college can be tough, but having a roommate is like having a built-in study buddy!  Your roommate can be a great sounding board for that history paper you’re working through or a helper for that impossible calculus question. They also can hold you accountable for going to class or finishing all of your assignments on time. Head over to the Biz together or make your room a peaceful study spot. Your roommate will become your biggest ally when it comes to school.


5. Explore Norman

Norman is your new home; so, get to know it a little bit better with your roommate! Spend the day shopping at Campus Corner or taking a dip in Lake Thunderbird. Utilize your days off to take a look around and soak up all that your new city has to offer.




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