Red River Road Tripping Tips

OU/TX weekend is finally here and many of us will be traveling down Interstate 35 as we prepare for this year’s Red River Rivalry. No matter how you look at it, those 200 miles make for a long road trip. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun! Housing and Food Services’ Marketing and Communications intern Meredith Beasley shares her tips for having fun while traveling to the big game.


  • Plug the address into your GPS:
    Whether you’re an Apple Maps or Google Maps person, a GPS will be your lifesaver for navigating traffic. And who likes to be lost on a road trip?
  • Expect to hit traffic, especially with the amount of people going:
    Even with your GPS, you will run into heavy traffic. Be prepared, be alert and most importantly—be patient!
  • Take lots of snacks:
    My go-to snacks on a road trip are Gatorade, beef jerky and sunflower seeds. Something sweet, salty and filling so we don’t have to stop to eat many meals along the way.
  • Take a picture by the Texas sign:
    What would a road trip to Texas be without a “horns down” photo in front of the state sign of Texas? Boomer Sooner!
  • Get pumped up for the game:
    There’s already a ton of hype for OU/TX weekend, but during my road trips, I jam out to lots of good, pump-up tunes – especially “Boomer Sooner!”


You can load up on all of your favorite road trip snacks at Xcetera before you hit the road, and be sure to check out our Travel Tunes playlist for all the pump-up songs you’ll need before the game!

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