Campus Dining Student Spotlights

Have you ever had a grilled cheese sandwich so good that you wished you could personally thank the person who made it? Did you ever wonder who takes the time to make that perfect stack of pancakes or delicious hash browns? Within OU Campus Dining, those people are often students working hard to put a smile on every customer’s face.

We asked a few of them what it’s like to be a part of the team that makes Campus Dining a great experience for everyone. Here’s what they had to say!

What does your job consist of?

Adrienne Yang

Adrienne Yang

“Being a student supervisor lets me step up and take responsibility to make sure that other student employees are doing their job, and that they’re enjoying where they work so that they work as effectively as they can.”–Adrienne Yang, Couch Restaurants

“For the spring semester, I was a closer. It was actually a midday shift; so, I handled a little bit of everything. Since I was there for so long, I volunteered to do just about anything they would let me.”–Chaela Carter, Chick-fil-A

“Sometimes, my job consists of working up front: managing the register, restocking the front and making ice cream. Other times, I work in the back where we make sandwiches, or work the grill, panini station or fryer.”–Caitlyn Jones, Crossroads

“I manage the other student employees and make sure that they’re on track. For the first couple of weeks, I train them and teach them how to do everything. After that, I help them accomplish what they need to do.”–Brennan Canon, Cate Restaurants

What is your favorite part about working with Campus Dining?

Chaela Carter

Chaela Carter

“I was able to get to know a lot of people whom I can now call friends. And I mean, what’s cooler than getting to see your friends when you work? Also, I stuck with it because it pays pretty well for an on-campus job and there are opportunities to advance.”–Adrienne Yang, Couch Restaurants

“My coworkers are definitely my favorite part. I know when people say that, you’re like, come on. But I really mean my coworkers. Because we’re all pretty much the same age, and we all pretty much have the same ideas of what we want in our lives. It’s just fun meeting with like-minded individuals.”–Chaela Carter, Chick-fil-A

“My favorite part would be having the structure in my life.”–Caitlyn Jones, Crossroads

“My favorite part is actually how you get to know people. You can sit in class next to somebody all year and never speak to them, but when you’re behind a grill and you have a hundred people in line, just a small comment about your day or something can lead to one of the strongest friendships that you may have never expected.”–Brennan Canon, Cate Restaurants

Why did you choose to stay with OU Campus Dining?

Caitlyn Jones

Caitlyn Jones

“You really get to feel how some people in the service industry feel; so, you learn how to respect those people more. Even though my future career doesn’t have to be in this area, I feel like it’s a good experience to learn a bit of empathy and compassion for those who are working to serve you and do the best that they can to make you comfortable and make your visit enjoyable.” —Adrienne Yang, Couch Restaurants

“It has helped me mature. It helped me transition from being a kid to being an adult. Now I’m responsible for me. It’s good to get these experiences now and work for a business before you have your bachelor’s and you want to go in for a major corporation.”–Chaela Carter, Chick-fil-A

“It was nice having structure. It’s easy to get lost in all of the activities that go on in college, and there’s always the temptation of skipping class in favor of sleep. I found that having a job that requires me to be on campus gave me the motivation to be engaged in class. Also, the employers on campus seem to be a lot more flexible and willing to work with various schedules so that students can get the college experience.”–Caitlyn Jones, Crossroads

“On campus is just about the best place you can be. With OU Campus Dining, it’s super close to all of your classes, you start with two dollars above minimum wage, you have complete and total flexibility, and the people you work for actually care about you as a person, not just you as an employee. Everybody is working toward the same goal, which is to get the students further into adulthood and help them along in their life any way possible. School comes first, and that’s true for every single supervisor or manager. They’re always very considerate about everything going on.”  —Brennan Canon, Cate Restaurants

Is there anything you would like to tell students about your experience?

brennan canon

Brennan Canon

“The job is a lot more enjoyable when you know people. When I started branching out and talking to people, that’s when I started enjoying myself there.”–Adrienne Yang, Couch Restaurants

“I really like my managers. I don’t think I can stress that enough. It really is like a family atmosphere. It sounds so weird to hear if you’ve had a job and had a bad experience, but with Housing and Food you’re not going to, everyone is so caring.”–Chaela Carter, Chick-fil-A

“I like the atmosphere. Everyone is generally nice.”–Caitlyn Jones, Crossroads

I’ve been in a unique position to talk with a lot of my bosses; seeing the passion that some of them portray just in the well-being of the employees is honestly inspiring, and I wish that more people got to see it. Cate has been nothing but amazing to me, and it has helped me through some of the hardest semesters. Honestly, if I can do even a little bit to pay that back to Cate, I am going to.” —Brennan Canon, Cate Restaurants

We can’t thank our student employees enough for how much they care about their jobs and the people they help serve every day. Stay on the look out for more student spotlights to get to know the amazing individuals who make up our OU Campus Dining team!

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