Support, Legacy and Growth: Discovering Your “Why”

The Residential Colleges’ application may leave you with many questions. What will it be like to live there? What kind of experiences will I encounter? Who will I live with? Though all of the above are valid remarks, there’s also another important question: Why do I want to live at the Residential Colleges?

Luckily, the First Fellows have come together and shared some of their thoughts on why they are excited for OU’s developing tradition. Discover your “why” in the paragraphs below.

For those seeking a solid support system:

This unique OU living experience offers students a place to establish a second family and a support system. First Fellow Christiane Phillips encourages this type of living for all students:

“I would love to see as many students as possible at this university have the chance to live with people who will support and inspire them as friends and as fellow students. The Residential Colleges appear to be a wonderful opportunity to make that a reality.”

 For those wanting to be a part of a lasting legacy on campus:

OU is a school that prides itself on strong tradition. So, wouldn’t it be really cool to help establish a new one? First Fellow Madison James thinks so:

“I like the idea of being part of something so big and so impactful. I want to be a part of starting a new tradition, and I want to leave a lasting impression on this university.”

 For those looking to grow both academically and socially:

One of the core ideals of the Residential Colleges is a community that inspires growth through academic endeavors and social activity. These beautiful living spaces go beyond just providing a place to sleep as First Fellow Kendra Ivana Sy describes:

“Communal growth between all types of students allows for the exchange of ideas and activities, ultimately leading to more well-rounded students.”

Don’t worry if you are still developing your why! All of your questions about the Residential Colleges can be answered at the All-Access Event. Stop by between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. on Nov. 30 at the One University Store in the Oklahoma Memorial Union and talk with the faculty involved with the Residential Colleges and the Student Fellows. You can even complete your application at the event!



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