Things We Love: Our February Favorites

We are in the middle of February and love is in the air. In honor of Valentine’s day, the OU Housing and Food Services MarCom interns compiled a list of some of the things we love. Read about our favorite treats, campus events that we enjoy and more, and maybe you will share the love or find some new favorites!


Sweet Treat I Love: Billy Goat Ice Cream!

Campus Event I Love: The Film Series movies in Meacham! It’s a great way to start the weekend, and who doesn’t love a free movie? Check out the list of upcoming movies here!

A Class I Love: Mass Communication Law. The teacher is very helpful and I am getting a better understanding of the judicial system and how it applies to mass communication.

Campus Spot I Love: The South Oval. It always reminds me that I’m living my dream of attending the University of Oklahoma!

Movie I Love: “Titanic.” It will always, always, always be my favorite!


Sweet Treat I Love: Hot chocolate cobbler from the Caf, obviously! But I also really love ice cream desserts from Crossroads.

Campus Event I Love: The UPB Foam Party because it is was the most bizarre experience of my life but also one of the most fun!

Class I Love: Musical Counterpoint, because it’s basically a math class with music! Who doesn’t love channeling their inner Bach to write a Fugue for a final project?

Campus spot I Love: The whole Arts District! I love walking those paths between the buildings that have all of the sculptures.

Movie I Love: “Shakespeare In Love.” It is my favorite movie of all time, because I love Shakespeare; everyone in the movie is really attractive and the music, directing, script and all of the technical elements are perfect (hence the seven Oscars they won)!


Sweet Treat I Love: Tiramisu from Roscoe’s.

Campus Event I Love: Campus Coffee Crawl! It gives me an excuse to have more caffeine.

A Class I Love: This semester, I love my Global Public Relations class, because I get to learn more about how political and social history influences the different ways of communication.

Campus Spot I Love: The balconies on the third floor of Gaylord Hall. It is the perfect place to watch the sunset! 

Movie I Love: “The Devils Wears Prada.”


Sweet Treat I Love: Bedré Chocolate from Xcetera! Chocolate in its many forms is great, but it’s even better when it’s made in Oklahoma.

Campus Event I Love: OU Move-In Day. The bustle and buzz of move-in day is so inspiring! Everyone moving in is super eager to start their college years, and their excitement makes me grateful to be a part of the OU family.

Class I Love: Intro to Film and Media Studies. I took this class my first semester at OU, and it changed my perspective on what college classes can be. Learning and absorbing knowledge on topics you’re truly passionate about is a huge part of the college experience. I looked forward to going to class every day, and always left with a smile on my face.

Campus Spot I Love: The Honors Garden in David L. Boren Hall is a nice, quiet study spot. It has a fountain, beautiful landscaping and a few large tables. It’s open-air while still being hugged by the DLB building on all sides, giving it a sort of secluded, tucked-away charm.

Movie I Love: “Pretty in Pink” directed by Howard Deutch. I’m a sucker for John Hughes movies! Duckie, played by Jon Cryer, is one of my all-time-favorite movie characters, the costuming is magnificently 80s and the music choices are perfect.

Meredith B

Sweet Treat I Love: A chocolate milkshake from Crossroads! It is a classic that makes for the perfect late-night snack.

Campus Event I Love: CAC Winter Welcome Week! It is so fun to come back to campus and be welcomed with tons of free food and fun events.

Class I Love: Revenge Tragedy! It is a Letters course that I took as an elective. It was a very rigorous course, but it was never boring and I always left class having learned something new.

Campus Spot I Love: Eighth floor of Dale Hall Tower. This is a random spot, but you can see a lot of campus from the windows and it is fun to sit and watch.

Movie I Love: “Moonrise Kingdom,” directed by Wes Anderson.


Sweet Treat I Love: Crème brûlée Cheesecake from the Sweet Shoppe in Couch Restaurants.  

Campus Event I Love: Top Jobs! It’s a great event within Gaylord College where we get to network with professionals from really big public relations and advertising agencies that have offices all around the world. All the recruiters have so much knowledge and experience in the field, and everyone is excited to just lend a hand to help us succeed in entering the workforce.

A Class I Love: Digital Design was a really fun, hands-on class. I went in knowing next to nothing about Adobe Illustrator, and I always felt so accomplished to see real progress in my finished projects. I loved everything about it, from learning about typography to designing a magazine layout.

Campus Spot I Love: The Gaylord Room located at the 5th Floor Special Collections of the Biz. It has such a great view of campus, the furniture is really comfortable, and it’s just a very relaxing feeling to be surrounded by the quiet of rare texts with such historical significance. It’s the perfect place when you just need some time for yourself.

Movie I Love: “Clueless.” 

Meredith M

Sweet Treat I Love: Chocolate Cheesecake from Couch Restaurants.

Campus Event I Love: Homecoming!

Class I Love: Social Media Marketing! I love learning about different ways to make an online personality better.

Campus Spot I Love: The Gaylord Courtyard.

Movie I Love: “You’ve Got Mail.”


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