Meet the Resident Mentors for the Residential Colleges

The Residential Colleges are coming to campus next semester. In addition to the Senior Fellows and Faculty Fellows, there will be Resident Mentors. Resident Mentors are students that will live in the colleges and advise the residents of Dunham and Headington. We took some time to get to know the Resident Mentors and you should, too! 

Anthony Mayberry: Dunham College

Hometown: Tulsa, Oklahoma

Major: Economics

Minor: Political Science

Why I chose to be a Resident Mentor: I wanted to be a Resident Mentor because I wanted to create something during my time at OU. I felt like this new opportunity would allow for the creation of something that could truly stand the test of time here at the university. I really just wanted to be a part of something new and different.

One word to describe my ideal community: Loving

Person who most inspires me: My mom is without a doubt my biggest role model. She is a single parent who works extremely hard to support my brother and I as we attend college. She has always been the person I look up to the most because of how hard she works and how much she cares for others.


Holly Crawford: Dunham College

Hometown: Clarinda, Iowa

Major: Entrepreneurship

Minor: International Business

Why I chose to be a Resident Mentor: I had the most incredible experience living on campus freshman year, and to this day, my best friends are those who lived on my floor. The opportunity to build this kind of community for upperclassmen was too good to pass up!

One word to describe my ideal community: Home

Favorite OU memory: My favorite OU memory is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day from my freshman year. We had the day off of school, it was a beautiful day, and it was early enough in the semester that we didn’t yet have homework. Some friends from my residence hall and I went outside and had a picnic. We played outside for the rest of the afternoon before heading to an on-campus MLK day celebration. That was one of many moments my freshman year that reminded me that OU really is my home.


Auston Stiefer: Dunham College

Hometown: Lawton, OK

Major: Spanish, Public Health, Pre-Med

Minor: Chemistry, Medical Humanities

Why I chose to be a Resident Mentor: I loved the idea of creating a niche community for upperclassmen residents on campus who want to contribute to a new campus legacy. In a lot of ways, I was excited to re-visit the campus living experience and hopefully use my last three years of experience at OU to create a vibrant community for the residents of the Residential Colleges.

One word to describe my ideal community: Vibrant

Person who most inspires me: One of my biggest inspirations is Oliver Sacks, one of the most prolific physician writers since the 1960s. His case studies in neurology are based in the narratives of his patients, and his theories in healing are based in treating medicine as an exchange of storytelling. I have read many of his books and am inspired as a pre-med student to approach medicine and my future career with the examples that Dr. Sacks shows us in his work.


Alix Yaw: Dunham College

Hometown: Norman, OK

Major: Art, Technology, Culture–Photography and Global Humanities

Why I chose to be a Resident Mentor: I wanted to finish off my time at OU on campus. I am from Norman and lived at home my freshman year, so on-campus living was a missing piece of my college experience. Now, I get to do that, which is fantastic, but I also get to develop relationships with fellow students who desire community, relationships and honest to goodness fun. I love people and to be able to have this experience for the first time, in the newest of living spaces for students, is truly an honor.

One word to describe my ideal community: Intentionality

What I’m most excited about: The courtyard! I love fellowship and fun, so what better way to do that than hammocking in the courtyard, having lunch and playing games in the courtyard? It is in between both colleges, which makes it a great way to interact with the other residents that I may not see as often.


Hannah Smith: Headington College

Hometown: Ponca City, OK

Major: Communication

Minor: Economics

Why I chose to be a Resident Mentor: I couldn’t believe my luck when I was selected as a Resident Mentor. The opportunity to have such an impact on a brand-new institution at OU, besides the enormous amount of fun and community I could be a part of, was astounding for me.

One word to describe my ideal community: Loving

Favorite OU memory: I lived on the National Merit floor of Walker Center freshman year. We had a tiny pink birthday sash and a matching plastic crown with Disney princesses. When one of our friends had a birthday, everyone would storm their room at midnight, crown them the “Birthday Princess” and share whatever food we had lying around. I remember on my nineteenth birthday I felt dejected because I thought everyone had forgotten my birthday. So I put on my fuzzy polka dot onesy, microwaved my favorite snack and pouted in bed with Netflix. However, sure enough, at midnight I got a knock on my door. I opened it up to see a whole crowd of people – all smiling and shouting, “Happy Birthday!!!” So, there I was, in my fuzzy pajamas, and about to be crowned with a tiara five sizes too small. It may have been the best birthday ever.


Parker Randels: Headington College

Hometown: Blanchard, Oklahoma

Major: Bio-Chemistry

Why I chose to be a Resident Mentor: I know that the Residential Colleges will have a resounding impact on the University of Oklahoma forever, and I wanted to be a part of something so dynamic and new!

One word to describe my ideal community: Bold

Favorite OU memory: Traveling abroad to Italy has to be one my fondest OU memories. It was so incredible to see a whole new part of the world and get so close to my fellow students. It is such a cool experience and I would encourage everyone to travel abroad at least once.


J.D. Baker: Headington College

Hometown: Edmond, OK

Major: Public Relations

Minor: African & African-American Studies

Why I chose to be a Resident Mentor: I know that this is one of my last opportunities to make an impact on someone’s life during my time on campus. Through building community in the Residential Colleges, I hope to impact someone’s life and make their college experience even greater. Along with this, I know I have a great group of people to work with, including our Senior Fellows.

One word to describe my ideal community: Nexus

Favorite OU memory: When U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor came to the OU Law school. It was an incredible, thought-provoking event.


Grant Schatzman: Headington College

Hometown: Edmond, OK

Major: English Lit, Letters

Why I chose to be a Resident Mentor: The chance to become more deeply involved in the young life of the Residential Colleges–and hopefully, to help facilitate involvement for the people on my hall–was too good to ignore. We have a fantastic community growing, and every single person I’ve met through the Residential Colleges is worth investing in and getting to know personally. I wanted to make a commitment to that deeper level of investment, because I think it will be tremendously worthwhile.

One word to describe my ideal community: Animated

What I’m most excited about: I think the Residential Colleges have the potential to be some of the most uplifting and inclusive spaces at OU, and that’s terribly exciting.

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