Upperclass Student Living Options

Thousands of first-year students move into Couch, Adams, Walker and Cate Centers every August and turn a vacant residence hall into their home for nine months. When May comes, some of them will unplug their string lights, pack away their pictures and say goodbye to their first home-away-from-home. Others, however, decide to move back into the residence halls as upperclass students or look into options to stay as close to the OU community as possible. If you’re not quite ready to leave the convenience of living on campus behind, keep reading to learn more about upperclass student living options! 


Residence Halls

Once you’ve finished your first year at OU, the perks of living in the residence halls only get better and better! Sure, you’ll still enjoy your current amenities like full-service move-in in the fall, 24-hour computer labs and laundry facilities in each center. Some of the perks you get as an upperclass student, however, include 24-hour visitation, meal plan flexibility, exclusive upperclass floors and the option to choose your own suitemates. Not to mention, you’ll get to stay within walking distance of the Caf and Cate Restaurants, and enjoy all the fun events that take place in the Walker-Adams Mall!


OU Residential Colleges

What an exciting time it is to live on campus! The brand new Residential Colleges will open this fall and offer upperclass students a new opportunity to live and learn on campus. Inspired by student living spaces in Yale and Harvard, the OU Residential Colleges will encourage community, innovation, academic growth and tradition. The upperclass students who live there will be known as Fellows, and will be part of a close-knit community with beautiful facilities that house living spaces, classrooms, seminar rooms, study areas and a dining hall. The colleges will offer Fellows, Faculty Fellows and Resident Mentors an opportunity to create a community of diverse thought and shared values. Read our blog post or visit the website to learn more about the OU Residential Colleges!


OU Traditions Square Apartments

OU Traditions Square provides high-quality living while continuing the residence life experience for students. At the two convenient locations, Traditions East and Traditions West, you’ll find luxurious pools and hot tubs while being close enough to campus to ride the CART shuttle or even bike to class. The community also is as diverse as that of the main campus, which means you can easily meet other upperclass students, international students, graduate students and student athletes. Some other amenities and features include individual, per-bedroom contracts billed to your Bursar account; all bills paid, including utilities; free cable TV and wireless internet; fully-furnished bedrooms and living room; 24-hour workout center; on-site computer lab with printers, and so much more. Follow this link to find out more about OU Traditions Square!


Living on campus is as convenient for your classes as it is for being part of the OU community. If you have any questions about upperclass student living, email Housing and Food Services at housinginfo@ou.edu. Also, follow us on Twitter @OU_HRL and Facebook /OUHRL for more information and answers to your questions!

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