Courses You Should Take, Regardless of Your Major

No matter what career path you have chosen, you’re likely looking for courses that complement your field of study, as well as leave you with the most varied skills. Fortunately, the University of Oklahoma believes in both lower and upper-level general courses that help make you a well-rounded individual. Consider taking some of these courses throughout your college career. They’ll help you advance in your career path, and transition to life after college.


Foreign language

Learning a second language can be difficult in a classroom setting, but take this as an opportunity to develop marketable skills that can also benefit your brain. According to an article by “Business Insider,” when you learn multiple languages, some of the benefits include lowering the risk of onset memory problems, simplify decision-making and improve your attention span. It can also help you become better at multi-tasking because, “it’s more natural for the bilingual brain to quickly edit out information that’s irrelevant and hone in on what’s important.”




Statistics is about learning to read all kinds of data. It’s more than just knowing what the standard deviation means. Statistics will show you to draw conclusions and look at the process and objective of the data. Instead of taking information from magazines or newspapers at face value, you’ll learn to consider who is conducting the research, understand how it is being interpreted, and figure out whether or not you agree with those interpretations. What is college anyway, if not the place where you learn to form your own opinions?




Economics may sound like a scary field of numbers, formulas and money. In the Library of Economics and Liberty, economics is defined as, “a study of given ends and scarce means.” In reality, this subject is mostly about making decisions, big and small. A microeconomics class will cover individual business decisions, while macroeconomics looks at the broader picture of decisions made by a country or government.




Public Speaking

Have you ever given a speech in front of a big crowd while staying eloquent and comfortable in your skin? Most people have trouble phrasing and conveying their message when faced with a crowd of people as opposed to face-to-face interactions. A public speaking course will help you come out of your shell, and give you more confidence to share your ideas in day-to-day settings. More importantly, you’ll get a chance to practice in front of a room full of people who will be supportive because they understand exactly how you feel!


Personal Health

College can be the best time of your life. It can also be easy, however, to fall into bad habits. The OU Department of Health & Exercise Science offers this class to teach students about health promotion and disease prevention. Now that you have gotten through your first year of college and are settled into your place within the OU community, it may be the perfect time to learn about the good, and not so good, decisions you’re making to keep your body and mind healthy.




Bonus: Courses

Did you know all OU students have access to If you’re not sure what this means, take some time to browse around the website; just sign in to with your OUNetID and password. Here you can learn about any subject, from graphic design and animation to data analytics and IT training. This is the perfect opportunity to expand your set of skills!




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