3 Companies That Will Make Residence Life a Breeze

Getting ready for college can be fun, but it’s also a little overwhelming. At OU, we want to make things as easy as possible for incoming residents. Here, we’ve provided the info for three companies that will help your transition go more smoothly.

Residence Hall Linens

  • What do they provide? XL Twin bedding packages in several colors, room decor, towels and storage items.
  • Why is Residence Hall Linens so great? Shopping for bedding for your residence hall room is often time-consuming and expensive. Why not buy online from Residence Hall Linens and have affordable bedding conveniently delivered right to your door?
  • How can I use this service? Order online and your product will be delivered to your home in time for you to head to OU.

Collegiate Concepts Inc.

  • What do they provide? MicroFridges®, which are a combination of a microwave and a refrigerator. (18 ”W x 20 ”D x 44 ”H).
  • Why is Collegiate Concepts so great? If you’re like most students, you probably won’t use a mini-fridge after you move out of the residence halls. Collegiate Concepts offers academic year rentals on MicroFridges® that are conveniently delivered and ready in your room when you arrive. Plus, since you won’t be hauling around a mini-fridge and a microwave that means there’s more room for clothes, video games or whatever else mom said wouldn’t fit in the car.
  • How can I use this service? Place your order online and your MicroFridge® will be waiting for you. It’s as easy as that.
  • The deadline to order for delivery prior to the Freshman Move-In is July 26, 2017.

Sooner Laundry

  • What do they provide? A campus laundry service that uses a 10-step process including pocket checks, spot treatment, color sorting, washing, drying, folding and packing your clothes.
  • Why is Sooner Laundry so great? You can conveniently drop off your laundry to a Sooner Laundry truck on campus. During your first year, you’ll be busy meeting new people, getting accustomed to campus, figuring out where you want to be involved and learning how to manage your time. When you use Sooner Laundry, that’s just a little more time you have to enjoy college.
  • How can I use this service? 1. Register online. 2. Drop your dirty clothes off at the Sooner Laundry Truck. 3. Use the My Laundry App to track where your clothes are along the cleaning process. 4. Enjoy life while you wait to be notified that your clothes are clean. 5. Pick up your clean clothes where you dropped them off.


5 thoughts on “3 Companies That Will Make Residence Life a Breeze

  1. What is the vertical clearance under an unlofted bed in the towers? Want to buy the right height of under bed storage.

    • Hi Pam,
      The standard bed is 38 inches off the floor, and fits the provided nightstand and drawers, which are 21 inches tall, under it.

    • Hi Julie, the form can be found on our Move-In webpage, ou.edu/content/housingandfood/move-in. The deadline to request a bed change to guarantee the position before Move-In is this Friday, July 14.

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