A Day in the Life at Dunham College

A lot of students have been wondering what life is like inside the brand-new Residential Colleges. The buildings appeared in a flash, while everyone gossiped about what they might hold. Now, as one of the residents of Dunham College, I get lots of questions from friends and classmates about what it’s like, and I love to answer them!

My name is Jordan and I am a senior dual-degree student in music composition and finance. Since I take multiple course hours each semester, living on campus is the best option for me. When I heard that there would be new residence halls right on Lindsey Street with their own dining halls and programming, it was perfect! I’ve loved my time in Dunham so far; so, I’ll share what a typical day looks like for me.


Depending on the day and whether I had enough time to get ready in the morning, I might have a breakfast bar in my room or enjoy a big breakfast in the dining hall. Breakfast in the dining hall is impressive. They have all the usuals (eggs, bacon, sausage, potatoes) and plenty of cereal and milk choices, an oatmeal bar and a yogurt bar. For those with a sweet tooth first thing in the morning, you can always find some sort of pastry, whether it’s pancakes, French toast, doughnuts or crepes. And for the hearty breakfast eaters, you can customize your own breakfast scramble.

Morning Class

After breakfast, I head to my classes. Tuesdays and Thursdays, I have class in Price, which is a mere eight-minute walk from Dunham. Even when I have to walk all the way to Catlett, it takes only 12-15 minutes.


For lunch, I try to head back to Dunham if I have time since I love to make my own salad and/or sandwich for lunch. (Did I mention the salads are tossed for you and served in a chilled bowl?) If I’m crunched for time because of appointments or homework, then I’ll stop in the Union for a quick lunch there. I have both meals and meal points in my plan; so, this works out well for me.

Afternoon Classes/Work

The best part about living on campus is that I am so close to class and work. I can afford to have a pretty busy schedule since I don’t have to worry about driving/parking or cooking my own food. I was amazed at how many extra hours I have every week! The afternoon is also the time when I head to the music practice room on the first floor of Dunham to practice piano. It’s really convenient to not have to walk all the way to Reynolds to practice, and there are actually three Steinways (one baby grand and two uprights) in Dunham. Music nerds rejoice!


For dinner, I always head back to Dunham for something a little heartier. There is always the option to make stir-fry, a personal pizza, salad, soup or a wrap. Additionally, there might be a taco bar, pasta bar or gyro bar (Mediterranean Mondays are the best!). The hot bar is usually some protein – my favorites are salmon, duck and steak – with delicious and healthy vegetables. If I decide to treat myself to dessert, I choose from fruit, pudding, frozen yogurt, cookies or whatever cake is served that day, and it is all tantalizing.

Evening Activities

I am pretty involved on campus. I have meetings in the evening relatively often. It’s great to be able to walk so that I can use the time that would otherwise be spent driving on homework, and let’s be honest, Netflix. I also love to host meetings in Dunham because there are always open spaces to work or hang out. Each floor has two study rooms and several lounges, and the first floor has lots of lounge space, a meditation room and classrooms that are open when they’re not in use.

I also love spending time in my room. I happen to have a great view of the football stadium, a minifridge, microwave, TV and a keyboard; so, it’s great for entertaining. Even in the single room, there’s space for friends to come over to hang out, and there are no visitation hours.

Dunham College Events

Students in Dunham are not only involved in diverse student organizations and majors, but participate in Dunham College events as well. Every Sunday, we have community dinner, where everyone, including the Senior Fellow, Directors and Faculty Fellows, can eat together and hear announcements from the Dunham Council. Our Senior Fellow, Mark Morvant, hosts teas at his apartment in Dunham every Tuesday with special guests that students can meet and discuss special topics with. We also celebrated “Dunham Days,” a week of activities like karaoke night, a taco truck, a water fight and more. Each floor also plans their own activities every month with their Resident Mentor and Graduate Tutor.

Life in Dunham College has been great so far thanks to the excellent food, convenient location and community among residents. If you’re thinking about living in Dunham College or Headington College next year, go here for information and access to the contract!

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