OU Bucket List 2018

Whether this is your second semester in college or your last, it’s never too early or too late to start an OU Bucket List.

We want to help you make the most of your college experience. So, here is our OU Bucket List. Use this list, or add to it and make an OU Bucket List of your own!

  1. Study abroad.
  2. Visit OU’s museums. Students get in free at both the Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art and Sam Noble Museum of Natural History.
  3. Join a fitness class at Sarkeys Fitness Center: yoga, pilates, spin, weights or PiYo.
  4. Study in the Great Reading Room at the Bizz.
  5. Get tickets to the OU ballet or theatre.
  6. Join an organization related to your interests, and run for a leadership position.
  7. Cheer on the Sooners at a basketball game.
  8. Find a place to live for the next academic school year.
  9. Join an intramural sports team.
  10. Attend the annual Eve of Nations, the largest Oklahoma cultural celebration.
  11. Take a fun class unrelated to your major: piano, jazz, painting, ceramics, etc.
  12. Visit and tour the National Weather Center.
  13. Try every single campus restaurant.
  14. Cheer on the football team by catching the OU Spring Game.
  15. Stand for 12 hours for the kids at Soonerthon.
  16. Serve the community at Big Event, OU’s largest community service event.
  17. Check out the view of campus at night from the top of a parking garage, the Gaylord balconies or the fifth floor of the Bizz.
  18. Explore all of your future career options at Career Services.
  19. Go to the homecoming parade and take a picture with the mascot.
  20. Ride a Crimson Cruiser to class.
  21. Discover a new place to study.
  22. Go to your professor’s office hours.
  23. Spend the day outside hammocking by the Clock Tower, picnicking on the North Oval or studying on the South Oval.
  24. Attend as many CAC and UPB events as you can, including a free concert, movie or escape room at the Union.
  25. Take a photo with the LOVE statue.

For even more ideas, check out the Ultimate OU Bucket List!

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