Specialty Dieting Options at OU

Do you have trouble finding healthy and specialty eating options? Don’t worry! OU Food Services has plenty of dining options for gluten free, vegan and halal diets. Check out these four options for each diet type!


  1. Gyros from Athen’s Cafe in Couch Restaurants
  2. Stir fry with chicken from Shanghai Stir Fry in Couch Restaurants
  3. Chicken sandwiches from The Laughing Tomato
  4. A sandwich with bologna from O’Henry’s

Gluten Free

  1. Chick-fil-A market salad
  2. Magic Bean Wrap from The Laughing Tomato
  3. Nacho Fries from Union Market
  4. Jennie O Turkey Burger from Ruthie’s


  1. Veggie panini from Crossroads (no cheese or mayo with a different bread)
  2. Apple Harvest Salad from Quiznos (no chicken)
  3. Moroccan Lentil Soup from The Laughing Tomato
  4. Guac’N’Chips from Taco Mayo  


If you’re ever concerned about eating on campus, be sure to call ahead or ask questions before you order. If you have more questions about specialty diets, contact Dot Flowers, OU Ingredient Specialist, at (405)325-1599 or dflowers@ou.edu. More speciality meal options can be found here. Happy eating!

2 thoughts on “Specialty Dieting Options at OU

  1. Will there be an allergen menu in a PDF form for each restaurant on campus to inform students of which foods they cannot eat?

    • Currently, there is not a PDF for allergen-friendly dining options. Please email our Ingredients Specialist, Dot Flowers (dflowers@ou.edu) and she can better assist you with your options. Thanks!

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