Tips to Crush Game Day Like FAU

“FAU could upset Oklahoma… and @Lane_kiffin is going to have them believing that they could do it.” – Fox Sports Twitter.

That tweet was almost as funny as the mass text FAU’s Alumni Association sent out claiming they beat us after our 63-14 victory: “FAU just beat #7 ranked OU on their home field. Let’s celebrate by helping more FAU athletes.” It was a good laugh and helps me to transition into a great list of dos and don’ts for football games before tomorrow’s matchup against UCLA.


  • Stay hydrated
  • Make sure you eat enough
  • If you are with someone or a group, stay close together at the stadium entrance
  • Remember, ladies and gentlemen, that you can only bring clear bags to the stadium now
  • Have your ticket printed out or pulled up on your phone before you need to scan it (please don’t be the person fumbling and making everyone wait)
  • Bring sunscreen
  • Yell and chant “Boomer Sooner” as much as possible
  • Take pictures for social media at the beginning of the game (not the end)
  • Use the restroom during a commercial break instead of at halftime when everyone else does
  • Yell “Texas Sucks” even if we aren’t playing them (because that’s always appropriate)


  • Forget your ticket
  • Leave the game early
  • Be afraid to get loud
  • Be rude to others
  • Leave your trash

These are just a couple of dos and don’ts that I have learned throughout my college football games. Each of them should make your experience much more pleasant. Have a great game day and Boomer Sooner!

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