Sarkeys Fitness Center Is the Place to Be

Sarkeys Fitness Center is a great place to be. It has a variety of amenities, classes and other options to help reach your goals and prevent putting on the extra weight so many students experience their freshman year. Here are some benefits of Sarkeys Fitness Center that can help you stay in shape and enhance your experience this year.

The fitness center is a massive facility with an indoor track, six basketball courts that double as volleyball courts, a cardio room downstairs and upstairs, a decked out weight area, racquetball rooms and so much more. There are also a variety of unique classes you can take if more traditional workouts are not what you prefer. All of these will help to keep you in shape and reach your goals.

There are also personal trainers available for $30 an hour if you need some direction, and friendly staff available to answer your questions or provide assistance. Additionally, there is a nutritionist available on campus to help you with all of your dietary questions and concerns. You can set up an appointment with the dietitian by calling (405) 325-4441 and pressing option (1) for an appointment.

A lot of you may know that being active helps improve your academic performance, but by how much? Minnesota decided to find out. In 2017, they gave 14 schools a grant to promote physical activity at schools and their findings were quite impressive. Researchers found that “students who were physically fit were much more likely to score better on state standardized tests. They were 27 percent more likely to be proficient in math and 24 percent more likely to be proficient in reading.”

On top of everything else, the fitness center is a great place to meet new people and make friends through common goals. Every time I go to the fitness center, I see friends or strike up conversations with new people. You can usually receive work out tips from people you meet there, too. So, be sure to make your way over to Sarkeys Fitness Center at least a couple of times a week. You will be glad you did!

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