How to Spend Your Thanksgiving Like a Bear

Intern Gage Bauer here! Thanksgiving is upon us, ladies and gentlemen. That means a couple of things: crazy amounts of food, lots of football and time with people that care about you. It’s a time to give thanks for everything that has been given to us. I am also (painfully) aware that it means that school doesn’t necessarily stop just because classes aren’t on the schedule. The best tip I can give you is to act like a bear.

  1. Relax and hibernate. This might be the most important tip. We get a break from school, and you should definitely treat it as such. If you can, take your mind off of school on Wednesday and Thursday completely. Don’t check your email, don’t look at Canvas and don’t pick up a pencil. Take these two days to relax and catch up on any sleep you’ve been missing out on lately.
  2. Space it out. Bears don’t gather all of their food for winter at once. Likewise, you shouldn’t try to complete all of your homework at once. Certainly, everyone has varying degrees of homework. I have some friends who only have one short paper due over the break, while other friends have three papers and one group project to complete. If you do have copious amounts of homework, give yourself several one to two-hour windows to work on it. Don’t try to shove it all in at once or wait until Sunday and get frustrated.
  3. Surround yourself with people that you care about. Bears can be very social. If you have the opportunity to go home for Thanksgiving, visit with family and close friends that you haven’t seen in a couple of months. During your collegiate years, you are in a bit of a transition period; after you graduate, there are no guarantees that you’ll get to see them every holiday like you may now.

Just like most of you, I can “bearly” wait for Thanksgiving break. However, it is important to be aware of everything that you’ll need to do once your break is over. So, make sure to relax and hibernate, space it out and surround yourself with people that you care about. From all of us at Housing and Food Services, have a great Thanksgiving and make sure to travel safely this holiday season!

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