Three Reasons to Go to Office Hours

How many times have you talked to your professor outside of class? The answer for most students reading this is probably never, which is unfortunate because they want you to come to see them during their office hours. We’ve compiled three great reasons to meet with your professors outside of the lecture hall.

The most obvious reason is to receive help in their class. Whether you have good grades or could use some pointers to improve them, your professors are the ones writing the tests and the curriculum. So, they’re the best resource you have available to help you prepare for assignments, projects and exams. If you’re struggling with a concept and you express your confusion to your professors, they can help simplify the information for your understanding. Sometimes your professors will be nice enough to highlight particular things that will be on exams, too.

In addition to your academic advisor, professors can help you navigate your course requirements. Some classes are better to take at the same time, while others are better off to be taken subsequently. There are certain nuances that an experienced professor can help you understand if you have a hard time selecting your enrollment schedule.

Finally, getting to know your professors an help you secure a job or internship. A lot of professors have experience in the industry they teach or know professionals in the industry they teach. If you have a good relationship with a professor, they might be kind enough to write you a letter of recommendation. Some professors personally recommend students for jobs or internships because they believe enough in the student. Additionally, professors can give you guidance on where to begin your job search.

Professors are extremely valuable resources that have more wisdom, knowledge and experience than their students. Whether you’re seeking advice for class or your professional life, leaning on your professors for that extra assistance.

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