Tidying Up Your Room With Marie Kondo

It’s Spring semester. Although it’s technically still winter, it is never too early to start some spring cleaning.

Marie Kondo is a well known Japanese organizing consultant and author.  Her show on Netflix called Tidying Up With Marie Kondo helps cluttered homeowners organize their houses and de-stress their lives. If the first month of school has left your room messy and scattered, here are a few lessons from the queen of clean about tidying up. Let’s get organized!

Categorize Your Life

Instead of organizing by location, Marie Kondo’s method involves sorting things by category. Although it’s tempting to clean room by room, it’s easier to organize in groups. She starts with all of her clothes first, then books, papers, kitchen/bathroom, then ends with sentimental items. Go through all those free shirts you got the first week of class and really determine what you actually wear and what you don’t. After clothing, move on to all of those textbooks and papers from last semester.

Find What Sparks Joy

Before deciding whether to keep or throw away something, Marie Kondo holds that item in her hand and asks herself a very important question. Does this spark joy? So take that tiny tchotchke off the shelf and determine whether it really makes you happy or it is just taking up space. It’s okay to keep silly things you might not really need if they make you smile. The point of tidying up isn’t to get rid of everything, just to make it easier to get to the things you need.

Thank Your Things

Letting go is hard, especially when you are getting rid of something that used to mean a lot to you. Marie Kondo knows how difficult this process can be, so that is why she likes to say “thank you!” to each and every item she throws away. So, gather up those history notes, event fliers, and empty water bottles. Before you trash them, thank them for helping you through the semester.

High Five Yourself

Congratulations, you cleaned your room! After taking the time out of your day to organize everything, you deserve a high five. Okay, this isn’t technically a Marie Kondo step but we still think she would approve. Thank you for joining us, this has been Tidying Up Your Room with Marie Kondo!


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