Midterm Tips & Study Tricks

Before we jump into Spring Break, we have to get through midterm season. Sometimes it seems like all of your professors plotted against you to make sure you have three tests in one day, but that’s (probably) not true. It’s easy to get stressed out during this time of year; so,┬áhere are a few tips to help your midterms go as smoothly as possible.

Buy your materials in advance.

When you’re in a class with 200 other students, chances are you’ll have to buy your own scantrons and blue books. Do NOT wait until the hour before your exam to go buy one at the bookstore! If you know you have four tests for your government class, go ahead and buy your four scantrons all at once. It relieves stress the day of the test and leaves you with more time to focus and study.

Find your perfect study space.

For some people, studying in the Biz can actually be more distracting than helpful. People are constantly chatting and moving around, which can make focusing difficult. For other students, you get nothing done studying alone in your room because all you want to do is nap in your bed. Find a spot that’s perfect for you that allows you to focus away from distractions. There are plenty of spaces around campus that are ideal for preparing for your midterms.

Rewrite your notes.

What’s more helpful than studying the notes you wrote down two weeks ago? Rewriting those notes before the test! Although it might seem time-consuming to repeat this process, writing down things will help you remember them. You can even use flashcards, or online sites like Quizlet, to make studying a bit more exciting. Retyping or rewriting the important things is good for your memory and will help you succeed on your exam.

Throw your phone across the room.

This might sound a bit dramatic, but it is probably the best tip here. Phones are the most distracting thing when you study. From dozens of GroupMe messages to memes on Twitter, there is a lot going on that can be hard to look away from. The best way to avoid being on your phone is to have it nowhere near you. You don’t have to literally throw it, but place it somewhere out of arms reach so that you can’t see the screen light up from notifications.

Midterms aren’t fun, but they can be a chance to boost your grades and show off what you know. Study smart, buy materials beforehand and good luck. You’ve got this, Sooners!

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